Your Zodiac Sign's LOVE Tarot Card Reading For Week Of October 15 - 21, 2017

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weekly love tarot card horoscope reading for October 15 to 21, 2017
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The brutal truth you need to confront in love.

Movies and popular culture tell us that true love is effortless. That you know it is the "one" when you feel a click. Almost like two complementary puzzle pieces coming together.

Unfortunately, real life is nothing like that. Maybe that’s why we often let go of perfectly good relationships (because they don’t match up with our fantasies) and then wonder why we are so unsatisfied.

And that’s exactly what we are going to discuss in your weekly love tarot card horoscope reading for October 15 - 21 — the one truth you need to confront about yourself before you can find your happy ever after in love. So, let’s dive in and see what your zodiac sign will experience:

ARIES: Reversed Princess of Swords

Aries, you are a warrior. The fiery ram who isn’t afraid to fight for what she believes in. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what’s standing in the way of your happy ever after. Why? Because all ideas are not created equal, Aries. And neither are all battles.

So stop for a second and think! Is your aggressive quest to win every argument really worth it? Or are you just being a knucklehead who isn’t willing to hear out the other person’s side of the story?

Remember, relationships are built on compromise, not competition. And the one who remains stubbornly rigid is usually the one who ends up alone.

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TAURUS: 4 of Pentacles

Taurus, you are a materialistic person. You love your possessions more than people. And treat your people like objects you own. Unfortunately, that simply makes you a miser who thinks she can take all her gold with her when she dies.

Let go of this destructive possessiveness. The more you restrict your lover’s freedom, the more they will want to flee. Remember, people are people, not objects. And they will, one day or another, exercise their free will. And when that happens, you don’t want to be on the wrong side of history.

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GEMINI: 2 of Wands

Being a jack-of-all-trades is not something to be proud of. It is simply the mark of a fickle-minded person who is too impatient and lazy to put in the effort required to master anything. And that, Gemini, is the reason why you haven’t found your happy ever after yet. How can you when you are not willing to put in the effort with any one person and are always flitting from one flower to another?

Put down your root, Gemini. Experience the fights, the arguments, the boring routines. Relationships are like babies: They can grow even in the absence of attention and care, but they will never turn out right. So dig in your heels and make it count.

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CANCER: Prince of Wands

You don’t like revealing your emotions, Cancer. Especially not to the one you are infatuated with. But that’s exactly what’s in the way of your happy ever after.

Don’t fear rejection! Go after what you desire and make your affections known. If they don’t like you back, don’t take it personally. We all have our specific preferences. Just remember, the odds are half in your favor. Because if they do like you, then you would have just saved yourself a lot of wasted time.

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LEO: Reversed 8 of Pentacles

Mastering anything requires time, effort, and dedication. And love is no different. Leo, the reason why you still haven’t found your happy ever after is because you think a perfect romance is always a honeymoon. And this expectation is only bringing you disappointments.

Because in reality, love needs efforts and dedication. Are you willing to put that in, Leo?

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VIRGO: 2 of Pentacles

All work and no play make you dull. And you, Virgo, are all about work. Maybe that’s why you still don’t have your happy ever after. How can you when you spend all your time checking your expenses, following your routine, and making sure everyone’s needs are taken care of?

Love needs romance. Emotions. The willingness to be vulnerable. And that’s something you need to master, Virgo. Remember, it’s all about the balance!

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LIBRA: 6 of Pentacles

Libra, you are the child of Venus. You love gifts and romantic gestures. But have you ever considered that maybe the reason behind your non-existent happy ever after is the fact that you only ask, ask, and ask, and never really give anything back?

The 6 of Pentacles is a card of generosity. Of giving away gifts and luxuries without any expectation of it coming back. A truly selfless act. Can you do it, Libra?

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SCORPIO: Reversed King of Swords

You are an emotional mess when you fall in love, Scorpio. After all, you like the intensity and can’t imagine life without it. But has anyone ever told you that love is as much a game of the mind as it is of the heart? Because it’s true.

It is not enough to know you love someone with all your heart. You need to evaluate if their path in life runs alongside yours or takes them away from you. Because if it's the latter, they will resent you for keeping them off their path (or leave you somewhere along the way). But if it's the former, then you are in luck!

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SAGITTARIUS: Reversed Ace of Pentacles

My dear Sagittarius! You don't like putting down roots. In fact, you are positively afraid of tying the knot of holy matrimony. But did anyone ever tell you that marriage is not required for a happy ever after? It only requires dedication and the willingness to invest in the relationship and help it grow with time.

Ha! Sounds an awful lot like marriage! But remember what I said. You don't need to be married to be married. Get it?

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CAPRICORN: 2 of Swords

You have not found your happy ever after, Capricorn, because you are an indecisive person! To follow your heart or to follow your mind? The answer is, you need to follow both.

So stop vacillating and accept the fact that you can never predict your relationships like you can predict the numbers at your work. Allow your emotions to take you where it will. Experience will teach you. But to have the experience, you need to first be willing to wet your hands.

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You can seem cold and distant, Aquarius. But that's because you exercise an iron control over your emotions. After all, why let them run haywire when they could interfere with the goal you have your eyes set on? Unfortunately, that's exactly why you don't have your happy ever after yet.

Let the reigns run a little slack. Emotions are necessary. Without them, you can never forge a bond with anyone, let alone the one you wish to love.

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PISCES: Reversed Tower

You are a dreamer, Pisces. Unfortunately, this tendency is the reason why you are a chronic liar, a compulsive story-spinner, and the master of reworking the truth. And that's exactly why you haven't found your happy ever after yet.

Relationships are not built on lies. Trust doesn't work that way. And when you try to do so regardless, you set yourself up for heartbreak. Why? Because the truth always comes out eventually. And when it does, your entire relationship will come to a shattering end.

So let go of the lies. Stop padding up your relationship resume. Be yourself and find someone who loves you for you. Warts and all. Remember, it all begins with the willingness to be honest.

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