Your Monthly Astrology Love Forecast For October 2017: Ready For Big Changes?

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astrology forecast for October 2017
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In order to have it all, we have to be willing to risk it all.

Each month there is a theme to what we will all experience or go through because of the astrological and planetary influences. Knowing what we could expect from our lives for the next month enables us to begin to process events ahead of time so that we are better able to receive whatever energies or events come our way.

We are in the homestretch of 2017; it is the fourth quarter, time to go big or go home, and October knows it. We’re done messing around, we’re done playing games and quite frankly we’ve got our eye on the prize with this astrology forecast for October 2017.

Yet, just like with life, it’s not that life will suddenly just work out the way that it’s supposed to and that will be it. Rather, we have done enough work during the past year so that we will be looking at love differently and acting in accordance with that.

October has a very different energy than September. Last month was a “9” in numerology which is all about endings and closure. Many of us reached a peaked as far as certain relationships go simply because we learned all we needed to. So now, we are free to simply just let it go.

But October is about beginnings — but not in the traditional way that we’ve all been conditioned to think.

Sometimes we hear about those crazy love stories where a couple met or tied the knot impulsively and they seem even more in love as every day goes by. We often view these as an urban myth of love because if it’s not a long, drawn-out dating process then it won’t last, right?

Well, there is a whole world going on beyond which means that for some of us it might seem like people, relationships or engagements came out of nowhere. In reality, many things often start quietly.

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So, given that at this point of the month we can’t begin to conceive where we’ll be by the time November rolls around, how on earth can we prepare for it? Simply put, we must be ready to just roll with whatever life brings to our doorsteps.

So many times it seems that we are our greatest enemy when it comes to love as fear is a seductive distraction from what really matters. We have given into fear’s temptation for far too long. We’ve denied ourselves and our hearts, we’ve taken the hard road, the path we should have taken, and still, it made no difference because within the quiet of the night we still heard the whispers we tried to ignore.

But, that was then and this is now. We’ve come too far to listen to fear any longer, we’ve grown too strong to think that we don’t deserve the best, and we know ourselves too deeply to fool ourselves with a lie.

Now is the time that we actually try giving ourselves what we’ve always wanted: a love that feels like forever. This doesn’t mean that you’re not going to have to risk anything, but it does mean that now you’re ready to do it.

But what if we’re as single as a Pringle? With no option other than our pint of Ben & Jerry’s Chubby Hubby to keep us company on a Friday night? The truth is there’s going to be a shift for you too.

On Thursday, October 5th there is going to be a powerful full moon in Aries and a conjunction between Venus and Mars signaling the beginning of a new romantic cycle. This means that while you may be reading this wondering if cat lady memes are your future, something new is just around the corner.

But this is also on you too. Nothing in this world is simply going to just manifest itself unless we also make the choice to work for it. If any of us are looking to begin a new cycle in love and romance, it means that we also have to make the choice to do things differently.

If we’re single, we have to make the choice to try different avenues of meeting someone; if we had been trying too hard to date, maybe we need just to sit back and relax our approach a little. If we’re in a relationship or thinking about beginning a new one, this means that we have to stay conscious of why we behave the way that we do and make the decision to maybe trust a little more, be a little more vulnerable, and take bigger risks because nothing in our lives can change unless we do.

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As if all that wasn’t enough, we also have a new moon in the sign of Libra which is all about partnerships. So throw out any thoughts you had about how you expected this month to go down. New moons mean new beginnings and Libra loves to couple up — but not just for the sake of being with someone.

No, Libra is all about balance which means the focus will only be on those relationships that are the most healthy and stable. Libra can’t stay in a relationship just because and while any endings that needed to occur will have done so by this time, a lingering discussion or two may need to take place.

But in this astrology forecast for October 2017, there’s a new beginning available to those who want to take it.

There’s a chance to actually have that love we’ve all given up hope of finding, the kind that seems better than we could have ever imagined. Yet, in order to actually be a part of that, we have to believe in the impossible; we have to be ready to go with the flow even if it’s faster than we had anticipated.

Ultimately, it means that we can’t be afraid of giving ourselves everything we’ve always wanted. 


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