Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Catfish You

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male zodiac signs most likely to catfish you
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Don't get caught by a Catfish.

Have you ever been catfished or have you ever been involved with someone online who wasn't who they said they were? If you haven’t had to deal with any kind of catfishing, you’re an anomaly. Heck, even your horoscope could have predicted that one.

By now, the terms catfishing and catfish no longer mean a fish and a type of fishing — they’ve become part of the modern vernacular. When we say someone is catfishing, we’re saying that a person is pretending to be someone they’re not, usually on social media and almost always using fake identities.

Catfish is the documentary inspired Catfish the TV show, and people can’t seem to get enough of these stories. Over time, Nev and Max, the hosts of Catfish the TV Show have experienced enough different kinds of catfishes that patterns have emerged.

As someone who has been catfished, I watch the show religiously and I can tell it’s incredibly rare when someone is who they say they are. For some people, catfishing is a way to try out online dating without risking rejection; for others, it can be a way of payback.

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There are always clues when someone is catfishing: Do they always have trouble with their camera? Are their pictures too good so that if you do a picture search you’ll find that they don’t belong to the person you’re chatting with? Do they have very few friends and/or followers on social media?

Once you’re conned by a catfish, you’ll think twice before letting yourself be fooled again. So, who are the male zodiac signs most likely to catfish you?

ARIES: Do-it-for-sport catfish

This kind of catfish doesn't put much emotion into their catfishing — they do it because they're bored and think it's funny. You can't resist a challenge and you don't seem to care that though you might not be taking it seriously, your victim thinks it a real relationship in every way.

Toying with someone's emotions for sport isn't kind and nothing to be proud of. These catfishes need to find their challenges elsewhere. Broken hearts are not trophies.

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TAURUS: No regrets, no apology catfish

When exposed, this type of catfish isn't especially sorry about their actions and they don't try to make a real friendship out of the fake relationship. They can even rationalize how it's the other person's fault for being so easily duped and it's not the catfish's problem. These catfishes need to be a little more sensitive to how their actions affect others.

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GEMINI: Identify thief catfish

These guys get off on becoming a different person and they enjoy trying on different personas the way actors try different roles. The more personas this catfish has, the more people they're catfishing. They do enjoy talking to all different kinds of people and forging relationships even if they're built on a lie. These catfishes do feel remorse if they end up hurting someone and will try to make amends.

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CANCER: Not-over-you catfish

This type of catfish tends to catfish only their exes. They want to keep the connection between them going and they still want to feel as if they're part of their lives. They're obsessed with their exes and will go to extremes to draw them back in, even if that means coming up with a fake profile and screen name. They know what their exes like so they make sure to create someone that their exes can't resist.

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LEO: Attention whore catfish

This type of catfish is just doing it for the attention because they feel as if they're not getting enough of it in their everyday lives. They thrive on adoration and hooking a new fan. They do not get off on hurting people and are genuinely shocked when they realize that they've caused anyone pain. They just want to feel adored and appreciated all the time, and catfishing can supplement that for the downtimes when no one else is around.

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VIRGO: Helper catfish

These types of catfish think that they're actually helping someone. It's not their intent to hurt the person they're catfishing but to teach them a lesson. It's very twisted thinking if the only way you can help someone is to create a fake persona and befriend them via social media. These catfishes are more frenemies than friends.

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LIBRA: Serial catfish

Once is not enough for this kind of catfish. They tend to catfish over and over again. It's more than something to do when they're bored; for them, catfishing is an obsession and they feel a compulsion to do it. If they get caught, they may feel bad about doing it but that won't stop them from doing it again.

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SCORPIO: Revenge catfish

Whereas the not-over-you catfish does it to keep tabs on their exes, the revenge catfish does it out of vengeance. They want to make whoever did them wrong pay, so they'll create a persona that will draw in their victim. This kind of catfish wants to cause pain and teach their victim a lesson.

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SAGITTARIUS: Con artist catfish

This type of catfish wants to see what they can get out of the person they're catfishing, and what tops their list is money. This catfish will always be having hard times and will need their victim to send them money. Once they've gotten what they can and sense that their victim is onto them, they'll come down with a terminal illness or even have a friend contact the person they've been catfishing with news of their (fake) death.

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CAPRICORN: Practice catfish

This type of catfish is too scared to approach anyone in real life, so they use their online persona to practice coming on to people and dating. They sincerely aren't out to hurt anyone and are confused when they cause someone pain. However, life online and life in real time are very different, so most of the time, the catfishing doesn't up their game much at all.

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AQUARIUS: Crowded-house catfish

This type of catfish rarely works alone and prefers to be part of a group — a school of catfish. They generally aren't out to cause pain and destruction and can readily justify their actions. They're usually not the instigator of the catfishing but are brought in for whatever reason, sometimes after the catfishing has begun. This doesn't mean they aren't culpable for their actions and if someone gets hurt, they are just as responsible.

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PISCES: Coming out catfish

This kind of catfish is all about figuring out their sexual identity and preferences. They may have grown up in a home where sexuality wasn't openly discussed or homosexuality, bisexuality, and being transgender was strictly forbidden. If a catfish can come out on social media with a fake profile, they think it may lead to them coming out to their friends and family in real time.

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