How To Ask A Guy Out (According To A Matchmaker Who Knows All The Secrets)

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how to ask a guy out

Don’t be afraid. You have to take risks in order to fall in love.

So you’re looking for a boyfriend, but you just can’t seem to find him. You go out all the time and have great conversations with men. But nothing comes out of them. You’re tired of waiting.

Here’s the answer — and it’s simple: Next time you see someone you’re interested in, ask him out. Follow these tips straight from a Matchmaker and you’ll have a date on your calendar ASAP. Here's how to ask a guy out.

1. Take the initiative.

These days, women can get away with anything. We aren’t timid little people. We’re strong and empowered. If you’re in a social situation and you see a man you find attractive, take the initiative. Some men are too shy to approach a woman. So, instead of waiting for him to come over to you, take matters into your own hands. Walk over to him and start a conversation.

2. Make him feel comfortable.

Believe it or not, men aren’t foreign species. When they talk to a woman, they too like to feel comfortable. Tell your cutie that you like his shirt or that he has nice eyes. Compliments go a long way and are good ice breakers. If you make him feel at ease, asking him out will be that much easier.

3. Flirt with him.

When you’re flirting, you can never go wrong. Men of all ages appreciate being flirted with. Be playful, sweet, and funny. If you make it known that you’re interested in him, he’ll know you’re going to ask him out. Being asked out by a fabulous woman who is sure of herself is flattering. Even if he’s not interested in you, he’ll still be a gentleman.

4. Ask him about himself.

Everyone loves to talk about themselves. Be a good listener and get to know the man you’re interested in. Ask him questions that won’t scare him away. Remember, no one likes to be interviewed.

5. Be yourself.

The most important thing about how to ask a guy out is to be sure of yourself. Confidence is sexy. Instead of beating around the bush, come right out and say it. Tell the man you’re interested in that you’ve enjoyed talking to him and would love to get to know him better. The worst he can say is no.

6. Don't be afraid of rejection.

Everyone gets rejected at least once in their life. It’s part of dating. If you ask a man out and he isn’t interested in you, he isn’t the one. Don’t be discouraged; it happens to everyone. When you have the attitude that you have nothing to lose, you’re opening yourself up to love and relationships, which is essential.

Still intimidated by men? Check out the video below for tips on how to approach him and land a date:


Carly Spindel is a Matchmaker and relationship expert who has introduced 110 couples. She is passionate about spreading love throughout the country.

This article was originally published at Confessions Of A Matchmaker. Reprinted with permission from the author.