These 4 Zodiac Signs Get STRESSED. OUT.

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She be stressin'

Achy muscles, headaches, and not nearly enough sleep. Stress can break down our bodies to the point where we can’t even think properly or formulate sentences. It gets to the point where we feel overloaded and overwhelmed and don’t know if we can make it through the week.

Stress and anxiety can be brutal and can even affect our health. That mysterious cold after a long week at work or a term paper worth half your grade, isn’t so mysterious, is it? Yeah, stress is unbearable at some points, but when you look at your zodiac sign, it might all start to make sense.


The zodiac signs that stress the most are either extremely hard-working or have a lot of people depending on them. Some feel the need to soar above others and can’t handle the emotional grind that starts to tear them down. And others feel the physicality of that pressure and anxiety as their friends and loved ones hang on them until they break.

Whether it's work stress, family stress, or stress from overthinking, these signs can’t catch a break. 

If you're wondering if you fall into this category, here are the 4 zodiac signs that get stressed out wayyy more than other signs.

Watch their work ethic and positive traits work against them. They are AMAZING signs, but they ultimately let their strengths become what pushes them over the edge, and it gets... them... stressin’!

Aries (March 21 - April 19)

She’s courageous, she’s confident, and she’s stressing the f*ck out! WOW, this girl could teach a class on how to stress about every little last thing. And the reason why she be stressin’ is her perfectionist ways. She wants to be on top, and be the BEST, but it’s a lot of work and she can’t handle the pressure sometimes.

She is also really hard on herself and becomes extremely impatient with herself. Which is not very healthy... love yourself, Aries! So when she finds herself procrastinating or things aren’t going as fast as they should, she breaks down and NOTHING gets done!

Even though she is a worker bee and, for the most part, optimistic about her work, she can also be short-tempered when things don’t get done in a timely manner. And because she is so passionate about everything she does, she wants the best work FIRST!

Just get this girl a comfy matching pajamas set and a tall glass of red wine, and she’ll be ALL good!

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Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

Speaking of hard workers...here comes Virgo and she’s sweating bullets! She is such a hard worker and HATES asking for the slightest bit of help. That is just a recipe for stressing out beyond belief. And man, does she STRESS!

She focuses on the smallest details and, if one thing is out of place, she obsessed until everything is perfect. Which is proven to provide quality work, BUT it takes a lot of time and can make a girl go crazy! She also prefers a methodical approach to life. And when her procedure is not followed, she freaks out and you’ll find her crying on her bathroom floor.

To add to her stress, she becomes overly critical of herself. When things go wrong, she can’t help but blame herself. Oh! And she worries! WOW, that’s enough. Get this girl a fluffy corgi stat! And makes sure it has a wiggly butt, because all worries disappear with a wiggly butt! Come on, we all know this!

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Libra (September 23 - October 22)

Libra is CONSTANTLY performing a balancing act. And she is unfortunately not an acrobatic professional. So, when everyone is throwing their problems HER way, she can’t help but stress. All I can picture is Libra, on a tight rope, balancing bowls on her head and arms until, eventually, her balance lets up and they all come crashing down.

So, just like those ceramic bowls, her life begins to crack in all different places. With the honor of being the peaceful and fair sign who is ALWAYS cooperative and gracious to her friends, she is bound to let the stress get to her.

And sure she LOVES harmony but she can be indecisive to the point where she loses all of the balance. And she loses her balance because everyone puts so much dang pressure on her to ALWAYS be the fair one. Well, sometimes people let her down and she is done with your sh*t. Lay off, would you!

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Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)

Capricorn is responsible AF and I have never seen a sign "adult" as well as her! Yeah, she’s SUPER mature and has mastered self-control. Who wouldn’t want to be a Capricorn? Well, the truth is, sometimes there's a lot of pressure to be the responsible and disciplined one. And, honestly, it's a HARD job!

Everyone comes to her because she has all the answers. But she knows better than anyone else that she knows NOTHING. And she is as lost as you are. Just because she holds her herself to the highest standards and extreme poise, that doesn’t mean she knows the meaning of life. I mean, she wishes she knew!

She also tends to be the one that keeps her family together. She is deeply invested in her family but sometimes she just wants to be a kid rather than an adult. And she is kind of fed up with everyone going to her to fix family problems that have been around for years.

Give her a break and let her let loose. She deserves and needs a hiatus from the adult life stress. Ahh, that would be nice, wouldn't it?

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