This Site Will Combine Your Names And Generate Your Perfect Wedding #Hashtag

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wedding hashtag


At first, I was super-judgmental when it came to wedding hashtags. I mean, what’s the point? Aren’t your wedding photos supposed to be special? You know, kept in a fancy little photo album that you put on your coffee table for all eternity?

Well, that is until the album ends up in a box in the attic and then, eventually, after you’re both long gone, in one of those trendy thrift stores. You know, in a huge pile of other miscellaneous photos from the past.

OK, now I’m starting to understand the benefit of keeping your wedding photos digital and using a wedding hashtag so that everyone can find them. I get it.

Anyway, the tuxedo rental service, The Black Tux, has started an online service that will create a wedding hashtag for you and your partner while also calculating how compatible you are, using only your names.

“At The Black Tux, we’ve already made it easy to find the wedding tux of your dreams. So we took it a step further and had some fun with the wedding hashtag phenomenon you see all over social media today,” says Matt Gierl, VP of Growth at The Black Tux. “People can go crazy over their wedding hashtags, so we thought we’d fan the flames a bit by creating a tongue-in-cheek, internet-based compatibility test for you and your significant other.”

So, how does the service work? You need to first log into the hashtag test. Then you must click the large button in the center of the screen and begin.

The next move is to start taking the test by putting in your first name. Then you type in your last name.

After that, you will put your partner’s info into the equation.

Once you submit, just wait a few moments for the test to generate some answers. And there you go! You now have a wedding hashtag AND a score for how compatible you two will be.

Well, I couldn't not try this thing out, even though I don't want to ever get married. Regardless, I entered in our names to see what it would say. Our wedding hashtag is pretty darn cute: #Joshandthepussycats

Sure, it's kind of weird and doesn't make too much sense, but I like the Josh-Shan mesh that's going on there. Oh, and our compatibility score was 65 percent. Ummm, you don't know us, you silly website. 

So, if you haven’t yet tied the knot, here is your chance to escape before actually using that wedding hashtag.