8 Reasons The Oldest Sibling Makes The Best Romantic Partner

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The oldest sibling does NOT mess around.

The oldest sibling is definitely not the easiest person to date. She’s someone who’s dealt with a pack of wild children since she was a fiercely loyal, independent, and takes-no-crap-from-anyone.

That being said, she’s also the best person to date. Hands down. She’s smart, fabulous, strong, and organized. She won’t let you walk all over you. She will be there, fighting tooth and nail for you, until the very end of her days.

Technically, I have an older brother, but I’ve always felt like I’m the oldest. Maybe it’s just because I have a super-strong personality. I’ve taken care of all my siblings since I was little. It comes naturally. I like to think I’m a pretty dope girlfriend.

The eldest sibling knows what she’s doing and she’s not afraid to tell you. She’s the best there is. Here are 8 solid reasons why the oldest siblings makes the best romantic partner of all.

1. The oldest sibling does NOT mess around.

The oldest sibling is not one to take on if you’re faint of heart. She’s a “no-nonsense” kind of a girl. There is no bullsh*t that is going to go unnoticed. You think you can get away with “player” antics and pull one over on a big sister? Nope. She will kick you to the curb.

This lady has been dealing with crap from her family since she was BORN. She does not have time for amateur hour. She keeps you in check and when it comes to marriage, that is the person you want in your corner: one who is going to keep you on the straight and narrow and never let your kids get out of line.

2. She's a natural-born leader.

She’s been giving orders since she was a baby. The older sibling is the perfect partner for someone who wants a strong relationship. She knows what she wants, she’s highly ambitious and she has her priorities in order.

She has her ducks in a row because she has needed to show her baby siblings how to do life since she learned to speak. Plus, she’s mature AF. And that’s hot.

3. She’s dependable.

You can always rely on a person who is the leader of her tribe. The older sibling will never let you down. In a world of extreme flakes, her loyalty is critical. She’s always on time and never misses deadlines.

On the rare occasion she is late, she’ll probably drop that line from The Princess Diaries: “A Queen is never late. Everyone else is simply early.”

4. She’s radically honest.

When you’re dating someone, all of the ugly details getting unloaded can be a bit intimidating. An older sibling doesn’t give a rat’s ass. She will tell you everything about herself and never lie to you. She’s confident enough to know she deserves someone who can handle the realness she is serving.

5. She’ll call you on your mistakes.

On that note, she will also call you on your BS. If you aren’t ready to have someone tell you when you’re messing up, steer clear of an eldest sib. If you want a happy partnership, you need to be able to handle the person you love telling you when you’re being a jerk. She’ll expect the same from you.

6. She’s probably a fabulous chef and/or baker.

The eldest sibling probably had a lot of responsibility at a young age. This likely included making meals for her younger siblings while her parents were at work or other activities. She has a keen knack for turning almost anything into a meal. She’s crafty.

Weirdly enough, she can take crackers, ketchup, and tuna and make it into a delicious casserole. Just wait until you see what she can do with real food.

7. She’s the most loyal girlfriend you’ll ever have.

When you’re a big sister, you stand up for your little siblings. You rarely make it out of middle school without having kicked someone’s butt for messing with your younger brother or sister.

If you’re a part of her pack, she will fight for you until the end. No one messes with a big sister. She will MESS you up.

8. She’s stubborn... but in a good way.

An older sibling has had a tribe of little ones to nurture and teach since she was young. She’s not used to be told what to do and she’s not OK with someone jiggering with her methods. She knows what she likes and how she likes it done.

So yes, she’s stubborn. But it’s because she knows what she’s doing and how she likes things done. She’s a great communicator, having dealt with the incoherent screeching of her younger siblings for the whole of her young life, so she can take it if you need to voice your discontent.