10 Signs You’re Absolutely BRUTAL With Men (And Might Be Turning Them Off)

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10 Signs You’re Absolutely Brutal With Men

You might be a bit too cruel with guys if the following is true.

I have a reputation for being incredibly brutal with my rejection of men, occasionally without me even trying to be mean about it. In fact, there have been times that I was mean to men without even having tried to be, while I was dating them.

One such moment actually was my “come to Jesus” moment about how I treated guys. One night, I was with a poor guy and we both may have had a little bit to drink. We got horny. He unzipped his pants, and tipsy me ended up saying, “Aww, it’s so cute. It’s like a little inch worm.”

He didn’t take that too well. He zipped up, turned to me, and asked as he left, “Do you always try to hurt people, or are just a bitch naturally?”

After he left, I kind of realized how incredibly mean I was, and looking back, it also made sense why guys were avoiding me. The fact is that my reputation for being mean to men may have been deserved, and many men probably would have asked me out if they weren’t petrified of my ability to annihilate the male ego.

There’s a good chance that there are others like me out there. This isn’t a good thing if you want to actually end up in a happy relationship. If you notice any of these signs, chances are you might be a mean girl, too.

1. You have called his member "cute" before or have made fun of his penis.

Yes, I’ve done this. I had no idea that men really take their manhood so seriously until I actually saw the poor guy crying while walking out the door.

2. Men have told you that you’re “cruel” or “heartless.”

Some guys might say this if you break up with them or just politely reject them, but if you hear this a lot, there may be some truth to it. This is especially true if the man in question is in tears after you reject him.

3. Your favorite way to break up after a long-term relationship is to ghost on him, even if there was no abuse present.

Yeah, he was good to you, but no, you were bored. Rather than give him a face to face talk, you ghost because it’s easier to do. This isn’t cool, ladies. If you’ve been dating him for six months or so, ghosting is a sign that you really don’t care about him enough to even say goodbye. The only time this is acceptable is if he’s cheating or if he abused you, in which case, go for it.

4. Guys have recoiled and said, “Ouch!as a reaction when you’ve said something to them.

I still get this a lot, especially when I decide to get brutally honest about something they said or did. They’re conveying that what you’re saying hurts them, but hey, what can you do?

5. Sometimes, you kind of know you’re crossing the line between blunt and cruel, but you say things anyway.

Admittedly, there are some moments where I realize what I’m saying will probably hurt the guy I’m seeing. The thing is that I often don’t think that it’s something that’s mean, so I end up saying it anyway. Interestingly enough, it’s always a bit more brutal than I think it is. Oops.

6. To a point, you actually kind of get a sick sense of enjoyment out of cutting them down.

If I'm being honest, I kind of enjoy the way that guys look at me when their feelings are hurt. Maybe it’s my way of making things even for all the times men hurt me, but whatever it really is, I seem to enjoy being mean to men.

7. You’ve been known to call men horrible things to their face.

If you have a tendency of calling men “fat,” “wimpy,” or “little bitches,” you probably aren’t exactly Miss Congeniality to them. Actually, you might be causing them lifelong issues.

8. You’ve reduced normal or even stoic men to tears.

I’m not saying men aren’t allowed to be emotional, but what I am saying is that they tend to show their emotions less than women do. If you regularly reduce normal, even-keeled men to blubbering messes, then you definitely might be a bit more callous than the average woman out there.

9. Guys have told you they’re afraid to cross you or approach you.

To be fair, from what I’ve seen, most men are pretty spineless. But if they legitimately tell you that you’re intimidating or that they were scared to approach you, it could be a sign that your reputation as a mean lady may really be solid.

10. You’ve been known to criticize men in public.

Being critical once in a while is part of being in a relationship. Sometimes, you need someone who calls you on your sh*t. But if you do this in public, it's not exactly criticism for men, it’s humiliation. Leave critiques behind closed doors, for crying out loud.