Relationships Make You Happier Than Money, Says Study

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Money Can't Buy Happiness, But Here's What Does
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It's not always about what you have.

In this materialistic-driven world, it often seems like money really can buy happiness. Temporary happiness that may be, but it's happiness nonetheless.

We are so caught up in getting more, more, more that we forget what we already have. Specifically, we forget to treasure the people around us, the ones we have deep relationships with.

It seems like common sense to know that money can't buy you happiness, but now that popular saying is supported by science.

A British study by researchers from The London School of Economics found that one's well-being and life satisfaction depends not on the amount of money to their name, but by their strong mental health and personal relationships with others.

Researchers surveyed 200,000 British people and asked them, on a scale of 0-10, "Overall how satisfied are you with your life, these days?"

They also took into account the subject's family life from their childhood and adulthood. This includes their parents' marital status, their school life, and, eventually, their career, income, and whether or not they have a physical or mental illness. These factors were then connected to the subject's overall well-being and satisfaction with their life.

As it turns out, participants in the study revealed that a loss of money contributes to their unsatisfaction, but a gain of money does nothing. However, the loss or deterioration of a personal relationship contributes more to unsatisfaction.

In an interview with the BBC, co-author of the study, Richard Layard, said, "The evidence shows that the things that matter most for our happiness and for our misery are our social relationships and our mental and physical health."

It is factors like mental illness, domestic violence, and poverty that contribute to the deterioration of relationships, thus making people unhappy. 

The solution, according to Layard, is to pay closer attention to these factors. That is the key to achieving happiness and overall satisfaction with life