12 Lesbian Wedding Photos That Prove Love Is ALL You Really Need

Photo: Instagram/@emma_els_photography
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Prepare to say “Awww” (a lot).

There’s something magical about wedding photos.

Yes, they can be overly formal and staged and goofy at times, but that doesn’t mean their heart isn’t in the right place. Wedding photos attempt to do the impossible — they try to capture a couple’s purest moments of true love and the joy of their friends and family as they witness it.

That’s a lofty goal, but, when it happens… it’s magic.

If you don’t believe me, try browsing LGBTQ wedding photos on Instagram.

Why LGBTQ weddings as opposed to any others? Because there’s an extra energy in those pictures. Maybe it’s because, just 20 years ago, no one could imagine that marriage was a possibility for gay and lesbian couples and now it’s legal in every state in the U.S.

Is there still discrimination against these couples? YES. Are there still age-old prejudices about their sexual orientations? YES. According to TheKnot’s Annual LGTBQ Wedding Study, over half of LGBTQ couples says that they have family that does not accept their marriage.

While that’s painful and unfortunate, the progress that has been made is remarkable and you can see the pride in that achievement in the faces of every LGBTQ couple that gets married.


We spent an afternoon swooning over wedding photos on Instagram and just couldn’t get over these 12 photos of lesbian couples on their wedding days. Maybe there’s just something about seeing two beaming brides in one picture. Or maybe it’s just the palpable sense of happiness you can see in the faces of these women.

But I challenge you to look at these 12 images from lesbian weddings and not feel your heart swell just a tiny bit. The magic in these photos is undeniable.

Color-coordinated joy.
Photo: Instagram/@gayweddings
Two chances to catch that bouquet.
Photo: Instagram/@lesbicanariasoficial
Such a magical first dance.
Photo: Instagram/@windycitydinnerfairy
They look perfect for each other.
Photo: Instagram/@lorenweddings
Love those smiles.
Photo: Instagram/@lavender_bride
Annnnnd…. DIP!
Photo: Instagram/@ourinfinity88
You may now kiss the bride(s).
Photo: Instagram/@may22photography
What a couple (and what a dress!)
Photo: Instagram/@giraffrocentric
You know this was a fun party.
Photo: Instagram/@diedrichduh
Photo: Instagram/@pgracephoto
100% Fierce.
Photo: Instagram/@handhweddings
Photo: Instagram/@emma_els_photography