8 Strippers Reveal The #1 Indicator A Man Is NOT Marriage Material

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"If he asks to eat you out in the Champagne Room, it's not a good sign."

We want to believe the men in our lives go to strip clubs to blow off some steam. But the reality is so much more complicated than that.

There's always the argument that, as women, we are against strip clubs because of the notion that they objectify and demean women. As men frequenting those clubs, does that mean that a man is OK with women being demeaned and objectified? Would he want his wife or daughter or sister or mother treated that way?

Aside from that, we just may be OK with the man in our life looking at someone else naked. Fair enough, right? And whether or not strip clubs are inherently a bad thing — we're not in a position to judge that one way or the other — the true question is, are men who go to strip clubs men we want to be with?

And if they are a man we are casually dating, is that a man who is marriage material? We asked some strippers what they think and how they can tell a man is definitely NOT marriage material.

1. He cheats when his woman is away.

"A gay friend of mine told me he went to a bachelor party last year. The weekend was supposed to be spent duck-hunting along the eastern shore of Virginia but it was spent in a little tiny house/cabin with female strippers... and all of the groomsmen and GROOM sleeping with them! Of course, he being gay, he just spent his weekend sipping whiskey alone on the back porch."

2. He has no shame going to a strip club.

"One time I gave a guy with a ring a lap dance and his phone was on the cocktail table. It started ringing and 'WIFEY' came across the screen."

3. He's disrespectful.

"When he is inconsistent about when he comes to the club and ignores you after he's done with you, that's a good indicator."

4. He acts like a child.

"When you have a customer who has poor hygiene and is a terrible cheapskate, you know that's a man who's single and staying that way."

5. He has a wandering eye.

"I'm a stripper and I have been hit on by married men. If they hit on me, they'll eventually find a girl that follows through. That means they are at least considering straying from their marriage."

6. He goes to a strip club. Period.

7. He's aggressive.

"I stripped post-college (don't judge) and there's just a sense of intimacy and genuine softness to some men; those are the men that make good husbands. You could tell they cared for me and cared about my 'profession' in a sense that they wanted to rescue me from something. Men who were sexually aggressive and made no connection are ones who were selfish and self-centered."

8. He needs someone to back him up.

"If a man comes to get a lap dance from you on his bachelor party night and asks to eat you out in the champagne room, chances are he's been — and will continue — asking that for years to come! Also, he brings his so-called 'Homegirl' with him to get you to agree."