How An Aquarius Man Shows He REALLY Loves You

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How an Aquarius man shows love
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Let’s face it, what man ISN’T hard to read? It’s like they enjoy making us girls squirm and constantly second guess them. And we don’t help much, always coming back for more.

But, really, how are we supposed to resist? That boyish charm, sharp wit, and God — they always smell so damn good! It’s like the universe is setting us up for failure from the get-go.

At the risk of sounding too pessimistic, I should mention that love isn’t ALWAYS a twisted game of cat and mouse, doomed for destruction. It can be a truly incredible thing — when it’s with the right person, of course.

But figuring out whether or not your man REALLY loves you or not can be a hell of a feat — especially when that man is an Aquarius man! Here's how an Aquarius man shows loves. 

1. He talks to you about his feelings.


Aquarius men are NOTORIOUS for running like hell away from any feelings they could possibly have. Their inability to express themselves makes maintaining relationships rather difficult. So, when an Aquarius man truly loves you, he’ll let you in like he’s never done before.

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2. He lets you know what he REALLY wants.


Keeping to themselves is a big attribute of Aquarians, which is why opening up is so hard for them. They are deep thinkers and love to be alone with their thoughts. The second they decide to let you in and take interest in your thoughts and opinions, you can be sure that you’re more than just a fling.

3. He makes time for what you want too.


Aquarius men tend to get bored really easily and have a hard time focusing on one thing for very long. Your guy will show his feelings for you are true by taking the time to do certain things and take interest in what matters to you, even though he normally wouldn't, all because it's important to you.

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4. He loves having deep conversations with you (even when you disagree with each other).


There's nothing an Aquarius man HATES more than someone disagreeing with him. Aquarians know they're super smart and have a hard time admitting when they could be wrong. If your man actually takes the time to hear you out and participate in a good-natured debate with you, you should feel pretty damn special he didn't just shut you down.

5. He introduces you to his family and his closest friends.


If you’re still not convinced that your Aquarius man is head over heels for you, take a look at the way he includes you in his personal life. Nothing means more to an Aquarius than his friends and family. So, if he’s welcomed you into his inner circle of trust, you are golden girl! 

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