About Kayla Cavanagh

Kayla Cavanagh is the Managing Editor at YourTango, overseeing the editorial production of e-commerce, lifestyle and evergreen verticals since 2015. She also manages YourTango's Pinterest account and works as the editorial recruiter, onboarding and training the editorial interns and staff. A graduate from the University of Central Florida journalism program, Kayla has experience as a photo editor, production editor, photographer, page designer and general manager. Her work has been featured in the Orlando Sentinel, BabyTalk and Parenting Magazines, Central Florida Future, Orlando Business Journal and Destination Weddings & Honeymoons Magazine. 

A motorcycle and fantasy romance book enthusiast, Kayla works remotely from her home base in Orlando, Florida, or wherever she finds herself traveling next. In her spare time you'll see her enjoying a margarita on the beach, watching movies at the theater with her husband, Matt, road-tripping and hiking mountains and deserts with her two teenagers, or attending concerts, music festivals, and spin classes.

You can follow her on Instagram (@kaylacavanagh), connect with her on LinkedIn, or view her photography on Pexels

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