Why Are Aquarius So Mean

Where do Aquarians get their mean streak from?

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Aquarius is the shyest sign in the zodiac, so why are they so mean? It's hard to imagine that an Aquarians are known for their silent, introverted nature could have an unkind nature.

Despite being quiet most of the time, Aquarius can also be energetic and powerful.

They can see every angle of every issue in life because they are deep thinkers.

But why are Aquarius zodiac signs so mean?

They have a strong desire for freedom, so they avoid people and situations that make them feel constrained.


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Along with Gemini and Libra, Aquarius is an air sign. Air signs like Aquarius are generally smart people.

They love to probe into different situations and analyze them for deeper meanings.


They are good people to ask for help when you are in sticky situations. Not only will they find a solution, but they will also help you execute that solution step-by-step.

They are typically cool, calm and collected, but they do have a cold side if they feel their boundaries have been crossed.

Although they find it difficult to understand their own emotions, air signs similar to Aquarius are the most human of all the other elements and zodiac signs.

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They understand what it is like to make mistakes and when they watch others make mistakes, they do not hold it over their heads.


It is said that air horoscope signs impact people like a strong gust of wind. Once the wind hits you, you have no other choice but to move.

Once you have an air sign in your life, you will be forced to improve in every way possible.

Aquarius is also a fixed sign. Fixed signs are associated with stabilization.

Fixed signs rarely stray from what they know and what they are comfortable with.

This trait is both negative and positive. It is negative because it can be very limiting.

Fixed signs can miss out on some amazing opportunities because they were not comfortable with going through with them.

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It is positive because it saves them from a lot of danger, heartache and disappointment.

Sticking with what they already know allows fixed zodiac signs to create a routine for their lives and rarely do they ever desire to do anything differently.

Here are a few reasons why Aquarius zodiac signs are so mean, according to astrology:

1. Aquarius thinks a lot.

The astrology signs Uranus and Saturn rule Aquarius. Horoscope signs ruled by Uranus are forward-thinkers.

They are constantly thinking about the future and what they can do to make it brighter.

The planet Uranus is what makes someone unique.

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2. Aquarians are so mean because they draw attention without trying.

Having Uranus in your natal chart gives you all of the unique characteristics that everyone notices and loves about you.

People ruled by Uranus can also be moody and hypersensitive.

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3. Aquarians are so mean because they don't believe in conformity.

Uranus is also the planet of originality, which would explain Aquarius’ ability to add their personal touch to anything given to them.

The planet Saturn represents hard work and responsibility. Horoscope signs ruled by Saturn keep those around them in check and help them to learn necessary lessons.


These people are the ones that their loved ones do not want to let down because they know that they are rooting for them.

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4. Aquarius as so mean because they have high expectations.

Zodiac signs ruled by Saturn put their all into everything that they do, so they expect others around them to do the same or do better.

All of these characteristics mixed make Aquarius the most misunderstood sign of the zodiac.

Many say that they are mean, but they really are no meaner than all of the other zodiac signs.

People who do not know an Aquarius well may mistake their normal, common behavior as them being rude or not having manners, but the truth is, they are just doing what is normal to them.


There are no ill intentions behind the things that they do, but it can come across that way to people who are not familiar with the way that they operate.

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5. Aquarians have a very dry sense of humor, and it comes across as cruel.

They make jokes about things that may be sensitive topics for other people around them, but they do this because they do not understand that everyone is not as emotionally detached as they are.

Because they either do not have emotions towards something or they hide their emotions, they are not used to toning it down for people who are not the same way.


Because of the walls that they put up in efforts to protect themselves from emotional damage.

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6. Aquarians can come off as obnoxious and this makes them seem so mean.

They are not extremely open to getting to know new people beyond the surface level.

This is not because they do not like people. It is because they are cautious about who they allow into their personal bubble. They are also turned off by people that they perceive to be pushy or overbearing.


When around people that they feel are being “extra” or “doing the most,” they will automatically retreat.

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7. Aquarians love extremely hard.

They are closed off and distant until the right person comes along and makes them feel comfortable enough to open up.

They do not believe in casual romantic relationships. They would rather be alone than waste their time in a relationship that has no real potential to last.

They have to be careful with who they let in because they could easily fall for the wrong person and end up emotionally scarred.

They are in touch with the deepest levels of themselves, so they get hurt easily.


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8. They feel hardships stronger than anyone else.

They have to protect themselves more than others might have to.

Although others may not understand the way that they operate, Aquarians are simply protecting themselves from heartache.

They do not understand that others may not be used to people being as disengaged and emotionless as they can be.

They think that others just understand why they feel the need to be such difficult eggs to crack.

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