Aquarius And Aquarius: What Happens When Two Aquarians Date

Only an Aquarius can understand another Aquarius.

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Aquarius is so unique that it is hard to compare them to other people you have dated. But if you have ever been close to an Aquarius, you probably know they are a hard code to crack.

With a unique outlook on life, it feels like you are playing by their rules only. But what happens if two Aquarians date?

Aquarius and Aquarius Compatibility

Aquarius is known as a humanitarian, meaning they seek social justice all around them; everything they do is for the greater good.


A forward-thinking zodiac sign, they are unique and go against the status quo, but are still considered quite friendly and welcoming. Not only that, Aquarians are also sensitive, eccentric, dedicated, and protective.

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Aquarius and Aquarius: Love and Long-Term Relationships

Some say that two of the same zodiac signs in a relationship will not have good love compatibility; however, the relationship between two Aquarius is not doomed to fail.

Yes, there are issues that not even two people sharing the same sign can avoid, and while two Aquarians dating each other can cause friction, each knows what to expect from the other.

Aquarius is always looking for something specific in relationships, whether that is acceptance or freedom, or just someone they can be weird with. Good or bad, Aquarius knows how to handle it all, no matter who they are dating.

Sometimes, it is just easier if they already know what they are up against: another Aquarius.


Aquarius and Aquarius: Sexual Chemistry

Finding common ground in the bedroom is easy for Aquarius and Aquarius. They can fulfill the strange fantasies or needs without worrying about backlash, and are free from taboos.

A casual sexual relationship may be the best situation for two Aquarians, as this zodiac sign has a strong need for freedom and independence, which may cause worry when in a relationship. There also tends to be a lack of true vulnerability and intimacy during sex, where detachment overrides excitement.

Despite this, their intense attraction manifests in the bedroom in different ways, including trying new things, experimenting, and acting out fantasies.

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Aquarius and Aquarius: Trust and Communication

Communication happens on another level for two Aquarians, since their social nature and tendency to keep their emotions suppressed may cause difficulties. But Aquarius is a deep-thinking sign, so two together are more apt to share their thoughts with one another, sometimes without saying anything at all.

Since Aquarius values freedom and independence, lying is basically absent from their relationship. However, problems can arise between two individuals who are mentally strong and intellectual.

To prevent this, both Aquarians can set personal boundaries.

Aquarius and Aquarius: Shared Values and Interests

Aquarius is determined and ambitious, meaning they know what they want. This is essential for any relationship, especially if it is romantic. And because of this, two Aquarians benefit from each other’s strengths and push one another to succeed.


This zodiac sign values freedom, acceptance and independence, and a relationship with these qualities is one meant to be successful. The need for self-reliance means having alone time in a relationship will never cause a rift; it is just part of their personality.

Potential Issues For Aquarius and Aquarius as a Couple

As mentioned, Aquarius tends to stay mum about their feelings, which can cause miscommunication in a relationship. A disagreement or even argument can lead to a standstill, where both partners appear to hold a grudge.

If both partners can agree to refrain from using stonewalling or cold shoulder tactics, they can keep their communication strong and stay on the same wavelength.


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