How Uranus, The Ruler Of Aquarius, Affects Each Zodiac Sign & Astrology House

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Aquarius Traits & Uranus Facts, By Zodiac Sign & Astrology House
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There are a lot of interesting facts about the blue planet Uranus, the seventh planet from the Sun with 27 Moons. Uranus rules Aquarius and Pisces and the eleventh astrology house.

One day on Earth is worth nearly two for Uranus. When it was discovered by Sir William Herschel around 250 years ago, astronomers noticed that it rotates on its side and makes an entire turn every 17 hours.

What Aquarius traits are found in Uranus?

In mythology, Uranus is the God of the heavens and of the sky. In astrology, Uranus rules Aquarius and is the ancient ruler of Pisces.

Aquarius traits include being a humanitarian. Uranus is a warrior who fights for the greater good in society. Uranus holds a lot of gravitational pull. Uranus is scary, and it packs a lot of power.

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Uranus inspires us with the personality traits assigned to the zodiac sign Aquarius.

It's Aquarius traits color the behavior of any planet that enters the eleventh house — also ruled by Uranus — to be forward-thinking, innovative and progressive.

Uranus brings about great energy and change while celebrating originality, discovery, and progressivism.

Keywords for Uranus are innovation, discovery, technology, objectivity, novelty, ingenuity, and enlightenment.

The dark side of Uranus is that it can function in rebellious and irresponsible ways. Check what Uranus is doing when something happens.

Some will blame the planetary aspects with Mars, Mercury, or even Pluto for being the catalyst of war, famine, and revolution. Uranus spells chaos and it sparks inventiveness.

How long does Uranus stay in a zodiac sign?

Uranus takes about 7 years to move through each zodiac sign, which means that it takes around 84 years to go around the Sun and complete an entire astrological cycle through the zodiac.

What is Uranus to Aquarius, according to astrology?

Uranus is associated with the eleventh house which mirrors its planetary meaning and the zodiac sign, Aquarius.

A person who is Uranian can be described as innovative, inventive, a discoverer, lover of technology. They might appreciate and practice objectivity, novelty, ingenuity, and enlightenment.

Did you know that Uranus is one of the five planets that are cultural and generational influencers?

Yes, Uranus, Pluto, Jupiter, Neptune, and Saturn, outer planets that orbit the Sun at such a slow pace that it takes years for it to transit between each zodiac sign.

These planets influence generations of people. Uranus is known for influencing rebellions and liberations while also shaping revolutions and New World order.

In the zodiac, Uranus affects each person's personality traits similarly. Uranus makes people strange, eccentric, and unique, while also being adventurous, outgoing, and sociable.

You may also find that Uranus can make people erratic and unpredictable. Aquarians, who are extreme, can be moody or bitter and hypersensitive.

Here are more interesting facts about Uranus for each zodiac sign and astrology house

Facts about Uranus in Aries and the first astrology house

Uranus in Aries can be a time of war because Aries is ruled by Mars energy.

If you have Uranus in the first house or Aries, when you have Uranus in your chart, it means that it is the time where you are the most interested in making changes and doing new things in life.

You are self-motivated and are open to learning new things. You have the personal freedom to make changes in your life and the independence to do so.

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Facts about Uranus in Taurus and the second astrology house

Uranus is currently in the sign of Taurus, so changes take place in agriculture, property, and food supplies. This year 2020, Uranus is in the zodiac sign of Taurus and will be there until 2026. This year, Uranus will retrograde from August 15th to January 14, 2021.

If you have Uranus in the second house or in Taurus, you are also interested in making changes, but you gravitate to making changes to the way you cook, garden, do business, and how you interact with the natural world.

You will breakthrough whatever is holding you back and keeping you from doing things you wouldn't normally do.

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Facts about Uranus in Gemini and the third astrology house

Uranus in Gemini can be a time of changes in technology. Gemini is an air sign, like Aquarius, so the way society thinks as a whole can go through an evolution.

If you have Uranus in Gemini or the third house, you are ready to make some communication changes when Uranus appears. You want to share your ideas, connect with others, and learn new things.

You may find that you are flexible and you easily make friends. Let your curiosity take you to places where you never thought you would ever go before.

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Facts about Uranus in Cancer and the fourth astrology house

Uranus in Cancer can mean that changes take place in a homeland.

If you have Uranus in the fourth house or Cancer, you are going to make some changes in the home.

You are going to start paying attention to your own emotional needs while also feeding your maternal drive by finding a way to express your caring, nurturing, and mothering desires.

You are going to find that expressing your need for safety, comfort, and familiarity will help you work through your feelings and will start to feel more comfortable in life.

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Facts about Uranus in Leo and the fifth astrology house

Uranus in Leo can lead to changes in leadership. If you have Uranus in Leo, you are a person who defies social norms.

If you have Uranus in Leo or the fifth house, you are going to be making some changes in your love life.

You are going to either start a new relationship full of lust, desire, and passion or you are going to take your relationship to the next level through growing your family.

You are going to benefit from a more progressive view on life and relationships because there are things you need to make you feel whole.

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Facts about Uranus in Virgo and the sixth astrology house

Uranus in Virgo can lead to changes in medical technology and healthcare

If you have Uranus in Virgo or the sixth house, you will make some changes in your lifestyle and habits.

You will seek some new healthy habits, routines, etc to make you feel better and they will give you a sense of freedom and relief from all your worries.

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Facts about Uranus in Libra and the seventh astrology house

Uranus in Libra can mean changes in law or the legal systems that empower those who are oppressed.

If you see Uranus in Libra or the seventh house, you are also going to be making changes in your relationships. You are going to take your relationship and work with your partner so that there is equality.

You don't want to fit in with social conventions and you may have things you don't like doing in a relationship. Bring these up with your partner and you may find that you can come up with a compromise.

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Facts about Uranus in Scorpio and the eighth astrology house

Uranus in Scorpio means that there can be radical changes in human interaction involving intimacy.

When Uranus is in Scorpio or the eighth house, you are going to be making some changes. You are going to find that making some changes in your intimate life.

The way you think, who you go to for support, and more will help you become more of an independent woman. All you need is some self-confidence and it will take you far.

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Facts about Uranus in Sagittarius and the ninth astrology house

Uranus in Sagittarius or the ninth house can mean freedom from religion or outdated ways of thinking

Have Uranus in the ninth house or Sagittarius, you are looking for the meaning of life. (I know, sucks.)

This is the time where you need to find your purpose in life. Where will religion and culture fit in? When Uranus is in the sign of Sagittarius, you are a spiritual guide of some sort. So, believe in yourself and be an inspiration.

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Facts about Uranus in Capricorn and the tenth astrology house

Uranus in Capricorn can mean changes or breakdowns in financial structures that are faulty.

Uranus in Capricorn or the tenth house means that you are going to be making some business changes in your life. You may have a breakthrough and then will be set for life.

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Facts about Uranus in Aquarius and the eleventh astrology house

Uranus in Aquarius means that adjustments in friendships or country alliances will be made.

Uranus in Aquarius or the eleventh house means that you are ready to make some changes in relationships, mostly familial, friendly relationships. You don't feel the need to conform to the group as you have in the past.

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Facts about Uranus in Pisces and the twelfth astrology house

Uranus in Pisces can mean advances in space or new ways of thinking and unique art.

Pisces, you are going to make some changes in your mental health that are going to help you work through your feelings and emotions. You will find that through some inner reflection, you will be able to bring yourself into a better sense of self.

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