You'll Only Find Love If You Get The HELL Off Tinder

Photo: weheartit

Delete, delete and delete.

The biggest problem with modern dating is that there are way too many freaking options. You can talk to guys on Bumble, Tinder, Coffee Meets Bagel, Hinge, or one of the other hundred million dating apps out there.

If you play your cards right, your phone could be blowing up with messages from dudes in no time. 

In theory, having an endless sea of options seems like a great way to find love. But in reality, it’s overwhelming and keeps you stuck in a perpetual cycle of distraction. 


Think about how many guys you match with. My last Tinder ranking was literally in the high 70s. But even though that might be high-five worthy, I probably only talked to about 40 percent of them. And most of the conversations went something like this: 

Guy: Hey 

Me: Hey

Guy: What’s up?

Me: Nothing, how about you?

Guy: Nothing

Even if the conversation starts out lively, most of the time it fizzles. Sure, I get some numbers and even some dates from Tinder, but no matter who I meet, I always go back to swiping. 


Because dating apps are always there. More profiles to swipe, more dudes to give me a solid hey, more creepy super-likes, more tiny self-esteem boosts. 

It’s a distraction. Because why would you make the effort to really get to know somebody when you’ve got 70+ matches chillin' in your phone? 

Also, let’s be honest: most guys on Tinder aren’t looking for a relationship. Yes, it happens, but the majority of men I know tell me that they are just in it for the booty call. Which is just another reason why online dating sucks.


If you’re always on Tinder, you’re putting way too much effort and focus on finding a relationship. You’re wasting time responding to messages that go nowhere and on guys you’ll probably never meet.

If your goal is to find love, you’re probably not going to find it there. 

Love finds you when you least expect it. When you’re at the grocery store getting eggs or buried in a project at work. Love happens when you’re living your life and doing the things that make you happy. 

So delete that time-consuming BS and make the most out of your day. Besides, wouldn't you rather meet someone in real life?