How You're Going To SLAY This Week, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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Fun, Free Weekly Work & Love Horoscope For August 14 - 20
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Free horoscope for August 14 - 20. Plus, your sign's weekly theme song!

Leo: As we enter the last full week in your sign, you're starting to truly see the positive results of your efforts. Life definitely picked up for you, and now you're enjoying a steady stream of love and abundance on all levels. You might be starting a new job or reveling in a recent promotion.

You may have also recently decided to be exclusive with your current crush. The full moon on Thursday definitely has you pensive around your relationship. You're digging deep to see if this is right for you. It's a good time to ask for what you want and make your needs known.

Overall, your energy this week is great for creating the change you crave. You've worked hard, but not so you can settle!

Leo's weekly theme songThey Want More —Ages And Ages

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Virgo: It's all about balance right now. You're enjoying the last of summer and hopefully basking in the glow of love, especially early in the week. As much of a romantic as you can be, you're also looking ahead as your birthday approaches. You have big plans and it's a good time to get going on them now.

The full moon re-energizes your passion and helps you truly focus on what you're aiming to accomplish. You'll see financial and emotional rewards soon. When things are going well at work and at home, you feel healthier all around. When you truly commit to your passion, it's like a new lease on life. You know that stress and emotions will affect your health more than most, so aligning with your purpose is what you seek — and you're headed down the right path!

Virgo's weekly theme song: Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' —Michael Jackson

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Libra: If the start of the week has you stressing about life and responsibilities, fear not! This won’t last long. Make a list and take care of things — you’ll cross them all off your list sooner than you think.

As the week progresses, romance rules for you right now. You feel inspired and creative, so go ahead and get crafty: write a love poem or make that music mix for bae. Thursday’s full moon is a great night for a romantic dinner or museum opening. Make sure you’re wearing your most enchanting outfit because lots of eyes will be on you.

Don’t lose heart at the start of the week because life is beautiful and this week is proof for you!

Libra's weekly theme song: You And I —Wilco

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Scorpio: Like. A. BOSS. = your theme for the week. Your communication skills are strong and your main focus is your career (at least at the start of the week). You might feel like you’ve gotten as far as you can get on your own and that you need some help achieving the next level of success. Get out there and network and you’ll find a mentor or partner in crime that can help fix your standstill. The full moon on Thursday has you mapping out your goals and taking note of the obstacles in your way so that you can overcome them.

The weekend heats up romantically, so give your career your all this week but take Friday and Saturday to enjoy a little lovin'. Recharge and you can get back to the drawing board next week.

Scorpio's weekly theme song: Sky's The Limit —The Notoroius B.I.G.

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Sagittarius: You’re about to kick some major butt! Things may have been slow-moving as of late, but you’re about to see things escalate and progress on a whole new level. The full moon on Thursday is a positive one for your career. If you’ve been in limbo on a deal or waiting to hear about a raise or promotion, it won't be much longer now! Opportunities enter the picture starting Friday and into the weekend.

You have some big decisions ahead. Make sure you are clear on what you want because it looks like you’re soon going to get exactly what you're asking for!

Sagittarius' weekly theme song: Phenomenal —Eminem

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Capricorn: You're shining so bright at the beginning of the week, you may need to hand out shades to everyone in your path! Could this be because you’re getting super clear on what you want in your life and career? Financial opportunities abound this week so don’t be surprised if Thursday’s full moon brings news of a raise or promotion. You deserve the positive changes coming your way so keep your head up and do not mire in any self-doubt.

Believe that positive things are happening for you right now. You’ve worked hard (which you always do), so why shouldn’t you be seeing all this progress? Give yourself a little pat on the back and keep on keepin' on.

Capricorn's weekly theme song: Such Great Heights —Iron and Wine

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Aquarius: You so often bear the burden for many of your friends, offering your time and resources in your ever-so-generous manner. This week, help is on the way for you! It’s time that someone has your back. This could be in the form of an investment or inheritance of sorts.

Your star is ready to shine, especially on Thursday when the full moon illuminates you and your path more clearly. Financial opportunities come into play this weekend and you’ll soon see some of your amazing karma arriving to help you out, so hold tight and get ready for some great things ahead.

Aquarius' weekly theme song: Cleopatra —The Lumineers

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Pisces: It’s a little bit of an emo week for you. You’re feeling pensive and wondering if certain relationships (romantic or not) are really what you think they are. You're doubting people’s intentions and where you stand with them overall. The full moon on Thursday pushes you to make a decision one way or another. Hang tight, because though the week feels heavy at times, the weekend arrives just in time to liven up your mood.

If you’re letting go of someone or a situation, you might be surprised at how it lightens your load. You'll feel like quite the catch once you are free of something that wasn’t serving you to begin with. Go forward without fear, knowing the best is yet to come!

Pisces' weekly theme song: This Feeling —Alabama Shakes

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Aries: You might feel a bit out of sorts this week but fear not! It won’t last long. You’re wavering on some decisions and the full moon on Thursday intensifies this. It’s all black and white for you now. Try to see the grey area to give yourself some sanity. Nothing is the be all, end all; nothing is the total solution and nothing is the absolute end. Try to keep the drama to a minimum and stay level headed. Lean on someone if you need to. 

You’re especially interested in pursuing one certain relationship that’s been doing well. Now’s a good time to move forward, taking into account each person’s needs. The weekend is full of positive opportunity so hold on tight, you’ll get there soon enough!

Aries' weekly theme song: Ocean —Seafret

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Taurus: You’re feeling a bit mischievous this week. That’s all fine and dandy, but if you’re trying to climb up the corporate ladder, keep your extracurricular activities outside of the office. Sure, maybe you’ve never been caught — but that doesn’t mean you won’t now! You’ve been working too hard and making too many strides to let anything get in the way of your good reputation. So watch you emails, keep the office flirting to a minimum and conduct yourself in a super professional manner. 

The full moon on Thursday could herald in some positive news on all fronts, so tell yourself a reward awaits if you're on your best behavior this week. Don’t worry, there is plenty of fun to be had this weekend... in a more neutral environment.

Taurus' weekly theme song: Flawless —Beyoncé

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Gemini: Not to get your hopes up or anything, but this could be a life-changing week for you. You know there is no real overnight success, but this week you'll see many of the goals and dreams you’ve been working towards for some time come to fruition. Things are syncing up for you, especially around the full moon on Thursday. Maybe you wanted a new car or a new home or even a new career — whatever it is, you'll start seeing some results. It’s just more incentive to keep going and realize your wildest dreams. 

Make sure your goals are aligned with you completely, because dreams do come true!

Gemini's weekly theme song: Like A Champion —Selena Gomez

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Cancer: Someone was bit by the travel bug! Sure, people assume you’re a total homebody, but you have an adventurous side that's curious about the world at large. Make those travel plans, and make time for a day trip in the meantime.

The full moon on Thursday might cause a slight moment of insecurity, but don’t settle into that feeling. You’ve been on a positive path and your spirit wants to keep on being nurtured with this confidence. It’s okay to take some time and make sure you’re on the right path, but don't linger too long. Jump back in the saddle and head down the road you know is yours to conquer. Head up Cancer, you’ve got some living to do!

Cancer's weekly theme song: Once In A Lifetime —Talking Heads

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