EXACTLY What You Should Expect This Week (Based On Your Zodiac Sign)

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Fun, Free Weekly Work & Love Horoscope For August 7 - 13
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Free horoscope for August 7 - 13. Plus, your sign's weekly theme song!

Leo: How do you do it, Leo? In between all the birthday candles and celebrations, you’re climbing the corporate and social ladder at epic speed. You’ve got oodles of energy and you can’t stop, won’t stop! Wednesday is an especially stellar day, when financial and love opportunities jump into your lap.

The weekend promises lots of attention from romantic prospects. Coupled Leos can expect a lot of doting, while single cats need to get out and mingle. Love is definitely in the cards for you right now, and though you may just be looking for a little fun in the night, it could quite possibly turn into more — so keep your mind and heart open.

You know your worth now, more than ever on all fronts. Happy birthday to you indeed!

Leo's weekly theme songCat People (Putting Out Fire) —David Bowie

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Virgo: With birthday time lurking around the corner, you’re doing some deep thinking about where your life is heading. Turning a year older often does that! The good news is, things are truly looking up. You’ve been dotting your I’s and crossing your T’s and it’s about to pay off. It’s time to really turn your dreams into action. Go ahead and ask yourself where you want to be in five years. You can do it! If anyone can plan and conquer, it’s you. You know it’s time for a change, and change will come.

Your love life is about to heat up, too. Just remember that doing the dinner dishes isn’t foreplay for everyone, so you may have to shake it up a little! The dishes aren’t going anywhere and you have more important things to attend to (wink, wink). All work and no play is not the way, Virgo!

Virgo's weekly theme song: Two Step —Dave Matthews Band

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Libra: Hot damn, Libra! You’re starting off the week with some major star appeal. Seems everybody wants a little piece of you. Though you usually welcome company, you’re feeling more introspective than usual. Forget Spring cleaning — you're getting ready to clear house for Fall, both physically and emotionally. Sure, you may decide to have a garage or stoop sale, but you’ll also analyze your relationships and decide who really fits in your life right now.

This is true for your love life especially — it's time to figure out if who you're with is really the right match for you. If you know it is, you’ll be wearing your rose colored glasses all day. If not, you may be rethinking your Facebook status.

Money matters flourish mid-week, and you know exactly how to invest and save for those rainy days.  

Libra's weekly theme song: Only Love Can Break Your Heart —Neil Young

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Scorpio: Things have been looking up for you. You may have to put your stinger aside for a moment and just enjoy some good ol' fashioned summer fun. You’ve been feeling very driven, and you’ve made quite a bit of progress on the career and financial front. Now it’s time to have some poolside drinks and relax! 

You can still push forward with your goals. In fact, the weekend brings some exciting money news. Just remember the drive needs to be deeper than green. Get clear on your goals because you’re working towards something you're passionate about. The same applies to your love life: it’s time to really look for a deep meaningful connection (or make sure the person you’re with gets you on that level). You’re definitely having lots of fun this week, but it’s that much sweeter when you know the long-term potential is there — at work and in love.

Scorpio's weekly theme song: Are You Ready For Love —Elton John

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Sagittarius: In your usual fashion, you’ll be craving adventure this week. Did you get all your summer plans in? Maybe you’re already taking advantage of leftover vacation time and booking your tickets for the holiday months. While your mind wanders, you’re also looking at where your life as a whole. Are you happy where you’re living now? Where you're working? It’s okay to let the restless feelings play out, especially so you can make some knowledgeable long-term decisions about your life.

Your energy is high, but there’s bound to be nervous energy with all these thoughts and plans. You keep your usual cool all weekend, so enjoy the attention and it should help ease some of your stress.

Sagittarius' weekly theme song: Ramblin' Man —The Allman Brothers Band

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Capricorn: Things are picking up for you, and this includes your confidence! Your communication skills are on fire this week, and Cupid is working his magic behind the scenes. If you’re single and looking, this week could definitely bring someone along that spices up the party for you. They may be a bit different than you, but that could be exactly what you need.

Wednesday is especially hot, so hold off on the Netflix and take advantage of the long summer nights before they’re gone. You won’t regret it!

Capricorn's weekly theme song: Love Me Harder —Ariana Grande (feat. The Weeknd)

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Aquarius: If you’ve lost that lovin' feeling, this week you aim to regain it. You’re in the mood for some fun and even a little mischief. You might feel like you’re about to pop at the seams, but you’re just really ready for some fun and excitement. With that, you’re also seeking a deep connection — but you know that doesn’t happen overnight. So though it may feel like love at first sight this week, make sure you get a few dates in before they move in! 

Already coupled Aquarians should make sure to get some date nights in with bae, or go on a spontaneous getaway. Saturday is especially hot, so dust off your LBD and get out there!

Aquarius' weekly theme song: Only Girl —Rihanna

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Pisces: You can definitely be a wide-eyed romantic, and something in the air intensifies this for you this week. Love is your drug as you navigate the days ahead. Things at work have been looking up and you’re still working hard, but you want to come home to a special someone who makes it all worthwhile. You may even consider a pet! Sure, bae is always happy to see you — but what's cuter than a furry friend who can't wait for you to get home?

Singles, keep your options open and make sure to network and attend group events. You never know whose friend-of-a-friend might catch your eye (and your heart).

Pisces' weekly theme song: Love Song —The Cure

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Aries: Independent Aries, you may be seeking more support than usual. This week reminds you that you don’t always have to go it alone. In fact, it can be very productive (and fun) to have a partner in crime, whether it be at home or the office. Think of it less as not being able to do something on your own, and more of being able to do twice as much as you could just by yourself.

It'll definitely be a productive week for you with, Wednesday and Saturday looking to be very romantic days. And just as you're realizing what amazing things two people can accomplish instead of one, you’ll also realize things are double the fun when you really let someone in.

Aries' weekly theme song: Alejandro —Lady Gaga

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Taurus: August can certainly be the hottest month for you yet this summer (and we’re not just talking rising temperatures). Your libido is on fire and you’re determined to find a willing companion to help fulfill all your earthy desires. You’re definitely putting out your feelers with the intention of finding that right match. Coupled bulls will find this week to be intense and romantic with a fire that, though it might've gone out in the past, is burning again. 

You're definitely all for fun this week, but you’ve been in nesting mode even more than usual so you’ll be equally thrilled if your new sparks can evolve into something more lasting. There's only one way to find out!

Taurus' weekly theme song: I Went Too Far —Aurora

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Gemini: You’ve been in productive mode, feeling re-inspired to pursue the goals and dreams you’ve had shelved for a while. All that passion is flowing over into your love life as well. The start of the week has you drawing tons of attention, and you’re determined to follow through with something. Because you’re very focused on your career and life goals at the moment, you’re not necessarily looking to jump into any relationships, but you’re certainly ready to have some fun with an interesting companion.

Already in love? Then it’s a good week to reassess things and lay your cards out. Make the most of your energy this week — the universe wants you to be happy!

Gemini's weekly theme song: Work Hard, Play Hard —Wiz Khalifa

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Cancer: This is a highly productive week for you. Not only are you working hard, but you’re working towards bigger goals. You’re really reassessing things and shifting priorities to make things happen. Not only are you attracting new opportunities on the career front, but also on the romantic front. Midweek is definitely a time ripe with potential.

All this drive and passion are pushing you in a positive direction and it’s making your confidence soar. Deep down, you’re really beginning to see how you can change your life for the better — and you will, because you’re that determined right now. Go get ‘em!

Cancer's weekly theme song: You Make My Dreams —Hall & Oates

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