5 Ways Strong, Successful Women Find Love WITHOUT Settling

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5 Ways Strong Women Find Love WITHOUT Settling

They KNOW they deserve the best — and so do you

By Ravid Yosef

She’s strong, powerful, successful, and driven. Sounds like I’m describing an amazing woman, right?

Trouble is, when it comes to dating, the same traits that make you amazing in your career can fall flat in your love life.

At some point in your life, you’ll encounter those who say you are intimidating, too independent, and don’t have enough feminine energy to attract a lasting relationship. They’ll tell you to change. They’ll tell you to fit into a box of what men find attractive and you’ll in turn settle for someone who doesn’t quite cut it.

You don’t have to settle and you don’t have to change. Instead, you get to unleash the feminine power that already makes you a great leader and allows you to attract effortlessly.

How does one do that? The successful woman who breaks through the struggle and finds Love Without Settling thinks, feels, and does things differently.

Here are five things a successful woman does to get love without settling.

1. You love your life and live in your vision with or without a partner.


You know that it’s not enough to say that you want something in the future; you have to live in it now. You don’t wait for a partner to live an amazing life. You want to travel, and you do it. When you want to learn a new language, you get it done. Want to sit at the beach every Sunday with your favorite book? Nothing is stopping you.

You fill your life with friends, family, and activities you love, because not having a partner doesn’t stop you from living. You know that when you live a life you love you attract the partner that will live that life with you.

2. You don’t compromise who you are while compromising with your partner.


You know who you are. You know your value and what you value. You set healthy boundaries. You communicate your needs. You stand up for yourself. You don’t compromise yourself.

When in a relationship, you know that compromise is done for the greater good of the relationship. You don’t compare sacrifices because it is your choice to compromise. You pick your compromises and don’t go against your value and values.

3. You are compassionate with others, but most importantly with yourself.


Your compassion for others makes you trustworthy. You care about others and understand that no one is perfect. A man can open up to you because he feels that you will accept him and won’t judge him.

In that same vain you are able to trust yourself. You are able to accept your imperfections. You are able to forgive yourself and not judge your past mistakes. You speak to yourself with kindness and love.

4. You let go of your past and walk through fear.


You don’t allow fears to block you. The unknown doesn’t keep you from moving forward. The thought of being hurt doesn’t keep you from loving. You let go of your past through forgiveness, even if that means forgiving someone who never asked to be forgiven.

You walk through fear, because we fear the good as much as we fear the bad. Look at all that you’ve already overcome and you have always gotten through to the other side.

5. You know there’s power in your femininity.


You know that your femininity creates collaboration in both your work place and your relationship. It allows for empathy. It allows you to receive love and nurtures your loved ones to grow. You know that without femininity there is no growth.

You know that your vulnerability brings you closer to your partner, and that when you allow yourself the freedom to be seen, your body, heart, and mind align.

The successful woman who finds love knows that these are all choices just as loving and being loved is a choice.

This article was originally published at eHarmony. Reprinted with permission from the author.