HELL YES! This Dating App Just Added The BEST Ultimatum For Men

Photo: WeHeartIt
Dating app bumble


To all the guys who think playing hard get is the smartest online dating strategy: your time is up. 

The female-focused dating app Bumble announced Monday that all male users must reply to women's messages within 24 hours or they lose the match all together. Up until now, men had an unlimited amount of time to respond, leaving women victim to the tragic "WAZZUP" eight weeks after the initial match.

But like, can I get an amen??


Bumble has become a favorite among women because unlike Tinder, it only lets them make the first move, and makes it super easy to get rid of a match if things get creepy (which happens in about 80% of online dating experiences). The app's CEO told Mashable the move was in an effort to keep things equal, to help women become objectified less by men who like ot "rack up" their numbers, AND help prevent the dreaded ghosting effect. 

Bumble wants to make it an "even keel" experience, said Wolfe. "She was held to 24 hours to reach out to you. We feel it's only fair you're confined to the same rules."

Bless you, Bumble, bless you.