What It Means To Be A Leo Man, According To Astrology

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Those born between July 23 and August 22 belong to the Sun sign of Leo. Leo is the fifth zodiac sign in astrology and is known as the Lion.

This Fire sign is ruled by the Sun, which is why the Lion of the Zodiac is so bright and desires to be the center of attention, just like the Sun is the center of our solar system. Leo is also a Fixed sign, meaning they value tradition and keeping things as they are.

Leo Man: Overview

As the kings of the jungle, Leo men seek to hold the attention of anyone and everyone in their presence. They thrive when spreading their wisdom to the world and telling others what to do. The Leo man is truly in charge of his own world and loves to be the boss.

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Despite being attention-seekers, Leos are incredibly passionate, generous, creative, and love love! They want nothing more than to spend their time and energy charming the pants off people and exuding confidence.

Though this may rub people the wrong way and make Leo appear arrogant, they are compassionate individuals who stay positive.

On the down side, certain personality traits aren’t so savory. Leos are a bit self-centered, jealous and possessive. When they aren’t at the forefront, they are quick to anger.

They also become insecure when they don’t receive the attention they so desire, becoming emotionally despondent; their jealousy also comes from the same place, where they feel rejected and unappreciated.

Leo Man In Love and Relationships

When the Leo male seeks out a partner, he’s far from shy, wanting the conversation to focus on himself most of the time. He needs a partner who strokes his ego a bit and appreciates his expressive nature.

A potential mate gains his affection by showing interest in what he enjoys; Leo will then reciprocate. This is a man who doesn’t play games; instead, he wants to show off and dazzle you.

By the time he eventually enters a relationship, his partner is more than aware of his royal tendencies, ego, and extravagant actions. But as a partner, he’s incredibly loyal, and expects the same in return.

Though he’s charming and flirty, he’s trustworthy, meaning his partner won’t have to worry about him having a wandering eye.

The Leo personality can be over the top, yes, but when he falls in love, he’s a warm presence who thrives off of companionship. He has a huge heart and follows it at all times, often disregarding logic and acting on emotion.

When it comes to Leo compatibility, he does well with other signs that can stroke his ego and match his level of loving tendencies. His best matches are other Fire signs, as well as Air signs, including Aries, Gemini, Aquarius, Libra, and another Leo.

Aries is passionate and intense, and honest to a fault; Gemini shares Leo’s childlike wonder and sociable nature; Aquarius is dynamic and independent, and have a strong shared creativity; Libra is devoted and romantic, and love attention; and a Leo and Leo match is one with the capacity to captivate.

Leo Man Sexuality

While being a Fixed sign means he sticks to tradition, during sex, the Leo man lets loose.

He’s creative and sensual, and seeks a sexual partner who encourages experimentation. The Leo lover is fiery and delivers pleasure by having a partner who praises his skills, and lets him express himself.

He doesn’t consider sex to be something serious; rather, it’s a way for him to have fun! He takes full control and is dominant, and an ideal sexual partner is one he doesn’t have to compete with.

Leo Man Personality Traits

Not only does Leo have a larger-than-life personality and can light up any room he walks into, but they are affectionate and kind, pledging loyalty to his closest loved ones and friends. Anything he gives, he expects in return, so his relationships and friendships include reciprocated affection and actions.

He’s confident in himself and does what he wants, paying no mind to anyone who tells him he can’t do something. While this makes him out to be selfish and arrogant, he remains energetic. And this can serve him well in life, as everything is done in an epic fashion.

Whether it’s his huge romantic gestures or doting on his partner’s every need, it’s like a performance to him, with true intentions. After all, he’s not just king of the jungle, but king of drama, too.

Despite these traits, the Leo personality is also stubborn and doesn’t handle criticism well; this causes him to become defensive and defend his actions to the bitter end. He can become possessive, especially of his romantic partners and close friends, fearing they will find someone better than him; his possessiveness is fueled by his own insecurities.

He also has a fragile ego, hates being ignored, and won’t accept anything less than the utmost respect. Anyone who challenges him in this way is met with a dramatic and heated response.

And since he wants to be the center of attention at all times, he’s developed ego-centric behavior, where his only concern is himself and what he wants.

Leo Man: Career

As a true Lion, Leo’s ideal careers involve him in a leadership role, where he has control and can express his opinions freely. But because he has a tendency to be intimidating and domineering, Leo works best when promoting the ideas of teamwork. As such, his enthusiasm serves him well in this context.

The perfect jobs for Leo include being a lawyer, athletic coach, actor, salesman, or politician. Not only is he passionate about something he enjoys, but he inspires individuals with his disposition, pushing them to accomplish their goals.

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Leo Man: Family Life

Family is something the Leo man values and takes seriously. As a father, he instills a fun-loving nature in his kids, and is incredibly hands-on. Always the actor, he’s the kind of dad who will literally put on a show, complete with dramatics.

But he can also be stubborn in his family life, unwilling to let his children or partner give up on difficult tasks at hand. Despite this, he has no problem putting their needs first, and remains a nurturing and caring man.

Leo Man: Friendships

Leos make wonderful friends because they are so warm, encouraging and loyal. They bring a high level of excitement to their friendships, which is incredibly refreshing and makes for a bond that lasts forever.

Though they make friends easily, they are able to keep a balance between spending time with acquaintances and those in their close inner circle.

But Leo friends can also become possessive and jealous, especially if their friends start spending time with other people. Leo needs to realize that they aren’t the only one in their friends’ lives; instead, they can spend that time making a bunch of new friends of their own.

7 Fun Facts About Leo Men

1. Leo men love to be right.

Leo men think they know the best way to handle a problem. They are convinced that their way is the right way. To handle this, simply let him think he's got it all figured out, whether it's smiling and nodding, or letting him solve the problem on his own.

2. He wants to be fawned over.

The Leo man loves to be loved and survives on compliments. Be sure to say to him, "I love how you got a discount on our new car!" or "You know how to pick a great restaurant" or "You're so good at charming people." Make sure you're telling him how great he is, because he will love every single moment.

3. Leo men think outside the box.

Leo isn't a traditional thinker. He thinks big and loves grand plans. For big events, like an anniversary in his relationship, he may have a seemingly off-beat idea, but humor him. He wants to please you, because if he succeeds, you will give him the attention he wants.

4. He loves to bask in the limelight.

He will create scenarios in which he's the king, and expects his loved ones to do the same. You know that you're really running the show, but let him think he's got this on lockdown. Give him a dedicated task or job so he can excel at what he's good at.

5. Leo men want someone to listen when he’s angry.

Leos tend to get angry when their egos are hurt. When he's angry, hear him out; it's probably because he feels unappreciated. Just listen and acknowledge his feelings. He most likely seems dramatic, but those are his feelings, and what he's expressing is important to him.;

6. A Leo man wants people to appreciate his generosity.

Leo men will give you the shirt off their back. They are incredibly generous, but they want to be appreciated. Always remember to tell him what a great job he did on a certain task, because he truly thrives on that gratitude.

Leos love to please and part of this is in their grand gestures. He's being generous because he wants you to be happy, and all you have to do is let him know that his efforts were successful.

7. He's quick to anger, but quick to cool.

Leo men don't like to hold grudges. They can get really mad, but they don't want to hang onto that. He will get over whatever he's yelling about, so ride the storm out; his roar seems scary and like it's never-ending, but he has a short attention span.

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Famous Leo Men

Ambition is the name of the game for Leo, so it’s no surprise that famous Leo men are so successful in their careers.

Barack Obama: August 4, 1961

Chris Hemsworth: August 11, 1983

Steve Carell: August 16, 1962

Terry Crews: July 30, 1968

Ben Affleck: August 15, 1972

Cole & Dylan Sprouse: August 4, 1992

Shawn Mendes: August 8, 1998

Edward Norton: August 18, 1969

John Stamos: August 19, 1963

Steve Martin: August 14, 1945

Robert De Niro: August 17, 1943

Dustin Hoffman: August 8, 1937

How do you know if a Leo man likes you?

A Leo man isn’t the type to keep his feelings secret, so if he likes you, expect him to tell you outright or act in a way that’s pretty obvious. You’ll also know how he feels when he gets jealous if you flirt with other guys. This can cause him to act possessive, but if you share his feelings, be sure to stroke his ego and reassure him.

What are male Leos attracted to?

Leo men are attracted to potential mates who cater to him and make him feel like he’s the center of their universe. He wants a partner who appreciates his generosity and big heart, is committed and loyal, and is just as affectionate as him.

To stand out from others, be sure to show your intensity and passion, impress him with the goals you’re working towards, and remain a bit mysterious to hold his interest.

What is a Leo man’s weakness?

Despite Leo’s charm, enthusiasm, and giving nature, his biggest weakness is people not appreciating him or forgetting about how great he is.

Since he’s so passionate and confident, he sees it as rejection when people don’t pay attention to him, praise him, or make him feel invisible. And this all has to do with his egoistic behavior.

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