7 Ways To TRULY Love A Leo Man

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Ways To Love A Leo Man
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There is literally no such thing as too much attention.

Leo men love to be the center of attention, spreading their wisdom to the world and telling others what to do. Leo men are in charge of their worlds and love to be the boss. So I say, let them do what they're good at.

If you're involved with a Leo man, you know he loves to be loved. Leos are loyal, generous and make great lovers. But there are some tricks you might not know about your Leo man. These are seven concrete ways to help you love him even more.

1. Let him believe he's right.

Leo men think they know the best way to handle a problem. They are convinced that their way is the right way. Let him think he's got it all figured out, whether it's smiling and nodding or letting him solve the problem on his own. It doesn't matter how you accomplish this feat — just let him think he knows best in the situation.

2. Fawn over him.

Leo men love to be loved, so give him tons of compliments. "I love how you got a discount on our new car!" "You know how to pick a great restaurant," "Thank you for fixing that lightbulb," "You're so good at charming people" — whatever you say, make sure you're telling your man how f*cking awesome he is. He's loving every single moment of that. 

3. Accept that he will always think outside the box.

Your Leo dude isn't a traditional thinker. He thinks big and loves grand plans. For your anniversary, he may have a seemingly off-beat idea, but humor him. He wants to please you, because if he succeeds you will fawn all over him.

4.  Shine that spotlight on him — he loves the limelight!

Create scenarios in which he's the king. You know that you're really running the show, but let him think he's got this on lockdown. Give him a dedicated task or job so he can excel at what he's good at.

Is your man a great cook? Let him throw a dinner party and wow the sh*t out of your guests. Does your Leo man love electronics? Let him choose the flat screen TV and allow him to show it off when guests come over. 

5. Listen — truly listen — when he gets mad.

Leos tend to get angry when their egos are hurt. When he's angry, hear him out. It's probably because he feels unappreciated. All you have to do is listen and he will feel better. He just wants you to acknowledge his feelings.

I know, he's sounding off and probably seems dramatic, but those are his feelings. What he's expressing is important to him. And hey, once he's done with his roaring (he's a lion, after all), he's ready for you to rub his back and ride him in the bedroom. See? It's a win-win situation for everybody.

6. Appreciate his generosity.

A Leo man will give you the shirt off his back. They are incredibly generous, but they want to be appreciated. Always remember to tell him what a great job he did on fixing the ceiling, giving you a pair of cute earrings, taking the cat to the vet, or whatever awesome thing he did for you. He loves that gratitude.

Leos love to please their partners and part of this is in their grand gestures. He's being generous to you because he wants you to be happy. He loves seeing you smile. All you have to do is let him know that his efforts were successful and he'll be over the moon. 

7. Remember: he's quick to anger but he's also quick to cool.

Leo men don't like to hold grudges. They can get really mad but they don't want to hang on to that. Remember that he will get over whatever he's yelling about. So ride the storm out. His roar seems scary and like it's never ending, but trust me, he has a short attention span.

The truth is that all this complaining has got him cranky and Leos want to have fun. They don't have time for grudges. Don't panic; he'll be on to the next grand party plan in a few days.