The ONLY Hump Day Horoscope You Need To Slay The Day

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Fun, Free Daily Work & Love Horoscope For Wednesday, March 9
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Free daily horoscope for Wednesday, March 9.

It might only be Wednesday, but there are still things to be optimistic about! Chin up, because it's all downhill from here as the weekend is closer than ever. Check in with your free daily horoscope to find out how you should spend this hump day.

Pisces: Star power is yours today. It’s a good time to start any new projects close to your heart. Your future is bright!

Aries: It’s all about your relationships right now. You need to work on your empathy and putting yourself in other’s shoes. The people you care for will really appreciate it.

Taurus: Grab a notebook or open up your Notes app because you have some great ideas flowing. This isn’t your typical brainstorm. You’re dreaming up new, progressive ideas that promise to propel you forward.

Gemini: Confidence is a beautiful thing. Just remember, ego isn’t the same as confidence (and not as attractive). You know how to stay charming, so keep yourself in check today.

Cancer: You’re up for just about every adventure you’re presented with, and your bold mood inspires you take leaps.

Leo: You’re ready to increase the size of your kingdom. First, you need to really hone your skills. Then you can starting making moves on the rest of your plans.

Virgo: You are everyone’s shoulder to lean on at the moment. No matter how you’re feeling, try to remain your usual understanding and patient self — it’ll bring you a lot closer to someone.

Libra: You are a busy bee right now, so you might find yourself very selective about who you spend your time with (and that’s fine). You don’t have time to waste with such a packed calendar.

Scorpio: You’re feeling proud — not just of yourself, but of those near and dear to you. You have bragging rights, so go ahead and tell the world about your squad’s skills.

Sagittarius: Though you do often seek adventure, right now you’re craving the comforts of home. Take some time to create your own perfect sanctuary.

Capricorn: You might be feeling some frenetic energy right now. Instead of freaking out, find a companion to share an intellectual convo with. The stimulation will ease your stress.

Aquarius: You’re focused on getting a handle on things today. You want to get your finances and other resources in order. Make spreadsheets and lists to your heart’s content. It will absolutely help.