What You Absolutely HAVE To Do Today, According To Your Horoscope

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Free daily horoscope for Tuesday, February 16.

Whether you had off for the President's holiday yesterday and are just starting your work week or you're heading into your second work day, chances are you're painfully aware of just how far away the weekend is. Put a little fun into your week with your horoscope for Tuesday, February 16!

Aquarius: You’re always a people person, and today is no different. You’re attracting some super interesting people to you, including some types you’ve never met before. Yay for new friends!

Pisces: Your serious side is out, and aside from the coworkers you need to get your job done, you just want to be left alone. Your birthday month is around the corner so you’ll be getting social in no time but for now, retreat to your favorite hideaway.

Aries: Usually if you want it, you have no problem getting it. But today, you’re bargain hunting — it’s more challenging than paying full price and that means it’s more rewarding. How does winning feel?

Taurus: Your energy is picking up today and it’s partly because everything seems to be going your way. We all need a day like that!

Gemini: You want to push forward full steam ahead, especially because you feel your energy is at an all time high. Take a breath and slow it down a little — you don’t want to wear yourself down.

Cancer: Could your week get any better? Quick answer: yes. It’s another lucky day for you. Just try to find the best work/play balance that you can.

Leo: You’re killing the power plays this week. Forget one upping everyone — you’re ten upping them. Keep doing what you do.

Virgo: You’re over the homebody feels and ready to satiate that travel bug. Start searching for the dream job that gets you on the road and in the skies once in awhile. And check out some new luggage while you’re at it.

Libra: Pop those vitamins and guzzle that green juice. You really need to take it easy — and do not touch your face after hanging out in the subway!

Scorpio: While you’re passionate about the work you do and appreciate the reward that comes from a job well done, you wouldn’t mind seeing a little cash flow too. Ask and you shall receive!

Sagittarius: You might be resting on your laurels a little bit today, and you do need a breather — but don’t get too cozy. Sit there for too long and you’ll see people passing you by.

Capricorn: Sure, it was nice to take it easy for a second but… Yeah, it was kinda boring. Time to get back into full swing and you’ll feel rewarded in all your hard work.