Which 'Scandal' Badass Is Your BFF, Based On Your Horoscope

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Free daily horoscope for Thursday, February 11.

After a long, dreadful hiatus, TVs favorite badass and her gladiators return tonight for the second half of season 5. Look to your horoscope for Thursday, February 11 to find out which Scandal character you'd be most likely to polish off a (huge) glass of wine with.

Aquarius: Your inner and outer worlds are lining up perfectly today. This means no internal fighting and no indecisiveness because everything is in perfect order. If you've had any unresolved questions about anything, today's a great day to make some decisions.

Aquarius' Scandal BFF: Huck

PiscesYou've been avoiding your bills and payments, but today your energy today is great for working out those issues. Apply your meticulous savvy to all things finance-related and soon enough you'll be ready for some relaxation time.

Pisces' Scandal BFF: Elizabeth North

Aries: Part of you is still feeling the homebody vibes, but the other part is feeling a tiny bit devilish. Maybe the perfect compromise would be inviting bae over for some naughty fun.

Arie's Scandal BFF: David Rosen 

Taurus: You're a bit of a cranky bull today. It's okay, it happens to the best of us. Just try not to bulldoze anyone down. Surround yourself with only those who really know you. They understand you without you having to say much, and they're happy to ease your stress.

Taurus' Scandal BFF: Rowan Pope

Gemini: You only say what you mean. No head games, no subliminal messages... it's all out in the open today. Stick close to your crew. You can be vulnerable with them. It'll be nice to not have to over-think things. Just be today.

Gemini's Scandal BFF: Quinn Perkins

Cancer: You've been everyone's guardian angel this week. Now you want to trade those wings in for some horns and have some fun. Hey, you're allowed. Heat things up with that person you've had your eye on and feed your wild side.

Cancer's Scandal BFF: Cyrus Beene

Leo: Today calls for a personal day. Stay close to home and take the down time you desperately need. The weekend is only a day away, so plenty of relaxation time awaits.

Leo's Scandal BFF: Captain Jake Ballard

Virgo: Your artistic side is showing today, and you're all about sharing. Instagram and Snapchat are all you need to satisfy your needs. When it comes to creativity, you've got the magic touch. 

Virgo's Scandal BFF: Vice President Susan Ross

LibraFind a way to manage your stress. Run it out, get a massage, jot down your feelings... Whatever you can do for a release. Definitely get some fresh air and remember: tomorrow is Friday. You'll be just fine.

Libra's Scandal BFF: Abby Whelan

Scorpio: You've got that loving feeling. Date night can't wait until tomorrow. Single Scorpios should get out on the town and flirt away. Even those who are coupled up should go out and find the romance.

Scorpio's Scandal BFF: Mellie Grant

Sagittarius: You're so damn content and confident today that admirers can't help but be attracted to you. With that smile, who can blame them? We trust you to be picky as you pluck through the hoards of suitors. The attention is nice, but you want it from the right person.

Sagittarius' Scandal BFF: Olivia Pope

Capricorn: Not usually the effusive type, today you really want to say the things that have been on your mind. Try to do it in person — what you have to say is too important to text. Go the old fashioned route today. 

Capricorn's Scandal BFF: President Fitzgerald Grant