How To Make Tuesday Your B*tch, According To Your Zodiac Sign

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Your free daily horoscope for Tuesday, November 24.

The bad news: it's only Tuesday. The good news: only 2 more days until we stuff our faces with all things Thanksgiving! Check out your horoscope for Tuesday, November 24 while you mull over things to be thankful for.

Sagittarius: Things are brewing for you — from your morning coffee to good news at work, to some straight up steamy nights ahead. It’s like you already blew out all your birthday candles! But before you do, really get clear on what you want in this new personal birthday year. Ditch bad habits for new, healthy ones! Start new projects — and stick to them. The possibilities are endless, but don’t try to do too many things at once. Just aim your arrow at the things your heart is really set on. You got this!

Capricorn: You are in the zone today, Capricorn! The creative zone. You’re in good spirits and feeling grateful for your home and family. Might have something to do with the upcoming holidays? It’s all about comfort right now. We’re talking pumpkin scented candles, fuzzy throws and glittery acorns on your mantle. And don’t forget about that frisky feeling — make sure that luxurious throw is big enough for two!

Aquarius: It’s really hard to get you down, Aquarius. You’re just so damn positive most of the time, and we love you for it! So it won’t be a TOTAL buzz kill when you deal with a little tension at work. On the upside, that tension might be because you just can’t take it anymore — that coworker is just too sexy… How are you supposed to focus on anything else!? Make a move, if you dare.

Pisces: Just when you were getting comfortable swimming upstream, some itty-bitty waves are comin’ for ya. Think: some well-intentioned “suggestions” at work, or a few extra assignments. Yeah, we know, everyone else is sailing through the holiday week, so unfair. But choose your battles wisely. Don’t fight it today —  you’ll win the war later and feel like King of the Sea you really are.

Aries: Congrats, you survived Monday! And good thing, because Tuesday is a little less stressful for you — woot woot! Money is looking better, go all out on the food and decorations for Turkey Day! You’ve been feelin’ the love lately, Why not make this holiday extra special for your peeps?

Taurus: Check you out! You’re feeling pretty fine these days. Even the ugliest Christmas sweater looks chic on you. Get it in while you can, because we know on Turkey Day you’ll be all about comfort — yoga pants, Uggs, the works! Hey, we don’t blame ya. All that food is too good to pass up! But sexy looks good on you, so keep it up until Thursday rolls around.

Gemini: If you were an emoji, you’d be the heart eyes smiley. Actually, make it two. Your love life is heating up. Even rain couldn’t bring you down — you’d just dance in it! Sure, a little tiff might pop up between you and bae, but throw a few adorable emojis into your texts and he’ll get over it (and you’ll get your way!).

Cancer: You are a total homebody. Which is perfect for a Friendsgiving at your place! Call up your besties for some tapas and wine (and maybe some Christmas movies, if you dare). But save some room for the big Thursday feast!

Leo: When you finally emerge from behind the blackout curtains today, keep your eyes and ears open for great possibilities. It’s another lucky day for you, Leo! Don’t let any sideeyes get to you. If they’re overly critical, chalk it up to jealousy. I mean, why wouldn’t they be envious of you right now? You’re killin’ it.

Virgo: Virgo is the sign of service, but for now? Take a breather. Some people will just take, take, take, and it’s starting to tire you out. Don’t let ‘em drain you! Time to recharge — it’s the perfect time to rethink your circle. And how about letting someone do something nice for YOU, for a change? That can feel pretty awesome too.

Libra: Things have been pretty freakin’ swell in Libra town. With the holiday season upon us, you’ve probably been indulging. We know, we can’t pass up the pumpkin pie either. But that cute NYE dress you bought might be a couple sizes too small by the time the ball drops if you keep it up! Don’t forget to focus on your health. Today, you’re in a more practical mood. Which is good, because you can’t be honeymooning ALL the time.

Scorpio: Waste not, want not: that’s your motto right now. You’re creative and resourceful. What habits are you tired of? Where do you feel you drop too much cash? Time to make some cuts! Trust us, one less drink at happy hour will save you more than you think. Plus, you love a good challenge… #ChallengeAccepted