WTF: The "Convince Her To Get Bigger Boobs" Manual Is Sadly, Real

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And you thought pick-up artists were douchey.

When you're with a guy, you hope he accepts you exactly the way you are. But some people don't approach relationships that way; some actually have a whole agenda to push on others to change them for the better.

For this man, better = big boobs.

Ivan LeCasque, 59, is now the proud author of Convince Her to Get Bigger Breasts Manual, which is all about getting a woman to go under the knife for someone else's pleasure.

After convincing three ex-girlfriends to get implants, he thought he would share his ways with the world.

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If you're hoping  this book becomes a total flop and he will be publicly shamed, prepare yourself to be truly disappointed.

According to The Mirror, the misogynistic manual has already sold 3,500 copies and only one customer has taken up the offer of returning the book for the money back guarantee.

The manual first started out as an 60 page e-book on their website. After forgetting about it for a while, LeCasque came back to find many emails from customers asking for a book.

That's right, people actually asked for this.

Look, there's nothing wrong with getting a boob job, but it should be the lady's choice and she shouldn't feel pressured. Hopefully, the poor women who are putting up with men like this know that.