10 Smart, Savvy Ways To Impress His Mom This Mother's Day

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Make his mom fall for you with these 10 tactics.

We've talked before about some of the things you can do to impress his mother on Mother's Day. Here we've put together an updated list, detailing all of the little things you can do to show his mom what a great girl you are the top 10 ways to impress his mom.

We know you've got the basics down. You know that good manners are a must when you're in his mom's company, and you surely know it's good to be extra affectionate and supportive of your partner when his mom is around.

What we want to talk about here are some more specific ways to impress his mom— a few strategies you might not have considered. Use them this Mother's Day, or any day, to get in mom's good books. 

1. Brag a little. 

Moms think about marriage almost as much as daughters do. Early on, your boyfriend's mom will likely try to determine whether or not you're marriage material. When you first meet her, she's probably going to ask you about where you went to school and what you do for a living. 

Though on a date you might be concerned about seeming conceited, when meeting his mom, you can feel free to sell yourself a little more. When she asks you to tell her about yourself, give her the mini-resume. Tell her you graduated with honors in economics, that you just recently got promoted at work and that you volunteer on weekends.

Moms don't want their sons dating losers, so show her you're not one. 

2. Show affection for kids. 

Take note: When in the presence of his mother, you love kids and can't wait to have them.

His mom has a biological clock, too, and it sounds for grandkids. So, whether it's through spending time with your boyfriend’s nephews, telling stories about your sister's kids or just talking about wanting a family of your own, you want to make it clear that you have mother potential.

This is undoubtedly one of the top 10 ways to impress his mom. 

3. Lend her a book. 

Establishing common ground between you and your guy's mother is key to forging a relationship with her. If you can't find any common ground immediately, try creating some.

For instance, if his mom is a reader, try lending her a book you think she'll like. It will give the two of you something to talk about later. It also shows your boyfriend's mom that you think about her and that you're interested in her point of view major bonus points.

As an alternative, of course, you can also read a book that she recommends to you— anything to establish common ground and promote meaningful conversation. 

4. Offer to do the dishes. 

Nothing warms a mother's heart more than a woman who does housework. Offering to lend a hand shows his mom that you're hardworking and generous. Offering to do the dishes after dinner is probably the easiest and most effective way to show off your more helpful side. 

After that big family dinner, make your way into the kitchen and offer to help. Initially, she'll tell you to sit back down. Don't give up. Insist on helping. Don't make a big deal about it, just get in there and start washing. Then watch as all your partner's female relations swoon. 

5. Ask her advice. 

Moms love to feel needed, so you should make a point of asking her opinion on things, even if don't really care what she thinks. Asking his mom for advice will activate her maternal instincts, which is a feeling she probably misses having. It's definitely one of the top 10 ways to impress his mom. 

Ask his mom what color you should paint your apartment, or where she thinks you should take your boyfriend on vacation. She'll love being consulted.

Just don't ask her for relationship advice, unless you want your boyfriend to hate you for the rest of your life. 

6. Chat with her on the phone.

Most guys lack the gift of gab, but that capacity for chatting comes to most women easily. Men aren't chatty by nature, and when the phone rings they're usually hoping it's not for them. But it wouldn't kill you to spend a few minutes exchanging pleasantries with his mom when she calls; in fact, it will do wonders for your relationship — with both mother and son.

Just ask her how her day was, nothing complicated. That's all it takes to get in her good graces. 

7. Dress well.

Remember that moms aren't always the most fashion-forward individuals. Their fashion sense is usually pretty conservative. So, dress accordingly when you're in their presence. Leave your ratty jeans and crop tops at home, and throw on something a little more sophisticated. Think skirt and a nice button-down, or a trim dress.

Basically, just don't wear anything that suggests you live for clubbing, dance on poles for a living or own a bong, and you've nailed another one of the top 10 ways to impress her mom. 

8. Bring her a present.

Gift giving, if done correctly, is another simple and easy way of winning over his mom. Just put some thought into it and don't spend a ton of money. You're not looking for anything extravagant here; spending a lot of money will probably just make everyone feel awkward. You want a small token of appreciation or affection.

Check with your boyfriend beforehand to see if there's something his mother really likes, a certain kind of chocolate or wine, for instance. However, you will score extra points if you're able to figure this out on your own, thus surprising both your partner and his mom when you show up at the door with the perfect present. 

9. Compliment her cooking.

Most of the time, when you see your boyfriend's mother, she'll be cooking something. Holidays or big family dinners are the most common reason for you and his mother to be in the same room with each other. These are the kinds of gatherings that moms live for, and they provide another perfect opportunity for you to impress your man's mother.

Just as the key to any man's heart is his stomach, the key to any mom's heart is her cooking. Rave about how good her food is (even if it's awful) and she'll love you forever. 

10. Send her flowers.

Simple and classy, sending his mother flowers is a sophisticated way to get in her good graces. Just about any occasion will do, but obviously sending flowers on Mother's Day will score you major points. Her birthday is another obvious opportunity for flowers, but you might even consider sending a bouquet her way after she's had you over for dinner.

Flowers are essentially foolproof, and that's why they close out our list of the top 10 ways to impress his mom.

This article was originally published at AskMen. Reprinted with permission from the author.