Why Your Words Are The Biggest Risk To Your Relationship [VIDEO]


It goes without saying that being in a relationship can be incredibly stressful. Whether it's having to take a few seconds to calm down in order to avoid another fight, confronting your partner about something hurtful he said or constantly worrying about whether or not you said the wrong thing, it can be hard to know what to do (or say) next. Even though there's no doubt that all relationships take serious and diligent work, that knowledge doesn't make it any better when you're always fighting. Thoughtful and effective communication can make all the difference, but it's much easier said than done.

Why do we say hurtful things when there's a chance that we're only going to regret them later?

Sometimes, you're caught up in the heat of the moment, you may end up saying something really harsh or calling your partner a hurtful name. Most regrettably, we often blurt things out with no mind for context or connotation. Ultimately, while we may not exactly mean the cruel things we say, they cannot be taken back.

Just why do we resort to name-calling? Does it ever make our partner see our point?

Relationship Help Doctor Dr. Rhoberta Shaler discusses the impact of hurtful name-calling and dangerous labeling. After all, words DO hurt. Watch Dr. Shaler's video for some tips on how to communicate effectively without the painful impact of insults hurled in anger.

Have you been a relationship in which fighting and contentious name-calling was common? Let us know in the comments below.