How Your Partner's Personality Affects Your Success At Work

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Relationships: Your Partner's Personality Affects Your Success

A relationship is, more than anything, a partnership. It's something at which you have to work, and being supportive of all your partner's endeavors is absolutely essential in the having a successful relationship. If you can't be there for your partner, to celebrate in their successes with them or hold their hand when things are rocky, then you may want to re-evaluate your relationship, because your partner's life is directly affected by you, your actions, and even your personality, too.

A new study out of Washington University in St. Louis, has found that the personality of one partner can heavily affect the work success of the other.

Over a five-year period, 5,000 married couples, between the ages of 19 and 89 had their careers studied. Scientists weighed the factors of salary, satisfaction within their job, and how often they were promoted, and found that those with supportive partners were far more successful in their jobs and even more ambitious. It was those whose relationships were suffering who fell prey to subpar performance in the workplace.

As the study found out, it's not just spouses who argue all the time who have lower job satisfaction, but it can also be the result of "mismatched personalities." Takeaway? Don't marry someone whose personality isn't in sync with yours, if you want to succeed professionally.

When it came to partnerships that worked both personally and professionally, researchers found three key factors to that success:

1. The equal division of housework.
For example picking up the slack when one partner is working more or late, and not arguing over whose turn it is to clean the bathroom or pick up the kids from school.

2. Being supportive and trustworthy.
If you can trust your partner to contribute to the relationship, both emotionally and physically, then you’re more likely to return that trust to your working relationship and be an employee who gets things done on time.

3. Having a spouse that is conscientious.
An attentive spouse makes for a personal life that is balanced, happy, and one that flourishes. According to the study, that right there, relieves stress and, in turn, makes one’s professional life that much more exemplary.

Being the type of person whom your partner can rely on is just part of being in a relationship, but in realizing that what you have at home transcends the walls of where you live and can penetrate the professional world of your partner is something everyone needs to realize. You go into a relationship with high hopes for not just the future, but also the present. So take the here and now to be actually present at all times and for all things, and keep your partner's career going strong. You know they'd do the same for you.