Why Are Political Views No Longer Important In Love?

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A survey from EliteSingles has kicked everything I've known about dating and politics to the curb.

It may not be a presidential election year, but that doesn't stop politics form being a hot topic—especially since today is election day!

Similar to religion, politics is the type of thing you avoid completely, if you want to play it safe, or just let it all out, if you're looking to get into a serious debate or, even worse, a fist fight. I had always been under the impression, based on myself and most people I know, that politics was an extremely important factor in whether or not someone could be deemed datable or not. But a survey from EliteSingles has kicked everything I've known about dating and politics to the curb, and now I'm not sure what's up and what's down. It's not fun being this confused. 

The survey of 500 singles found that how someone votes really doesn't have much of a bearing on whether or not someone would date them. In fact, political opinions came in at 6th place in what's considered "important," qualities in a potential date, with things like values, sense of humor, appearance, job, and taste in food, all falling higher on the list, respectively. Only, and a mere 3 percent (Where my people at?), considered it "vital," with religion and a fondness for sports, being voted as less important than political opinions.

But where things start to make sense for me is where 57 percent of singles thought it "best to leave politics until a few dates" in, 40 percent thought that talking about your exes should be absolutely avoided, and 15 percent believed a first date wasn't exactly the best time or place to discuss money. You might as well wait until you're coupled up before you get into an argument about that stuff, right? No, seriously, I am right, because 26 percent of the study's participants would like to put off any potential room for arguments, "until we're a couple."

But back to politics…

When it came to how men and women viewed politics when they’re actually with someone, tells a different story. Of those surveyed, only 34 percent of women said they’d be "happy," if their partner felt politically different from them, and 54 percent of men felt love could conquer all even if their political opinion and that of their partner was completely different. That's a pretty impressive number, but I wonder how long it will hold true if your partner is donating to Rick Santorum's 2016 bid for presidency when your best friend is gay and you’re hoping to adopt one of the Guatemalan refugees before the year is out. I’m not so sure things will look all rosy and full of possibilities then.

Speaking of disturbing politicians (Hi, Rick!), only 38 percent of women and 45 percent of men think dating a politician is a good idea, citing the "lack of time and attention from their partner at home," as the reason why, as opposed to the track record of many, MANY, male politicians’ inability to keep it in their pants. Come on, you guys! Admit that’s why you wouldn’t want to be in a relationship with a politician! No one will blame you!

Personally, I couldn't date someone whose political opinions were different from mine, but maybe I'm missing the boat. Although, honestly, I'd rather swim with the sharks than be on a boat full of Republicans, so maybe I'll just stay right where I am on this issue, at least for the moment.