Signing Off: 8 Guys Reveal Their Online Dating Dealbreakers


Coming up with witty responses to the questions on your online dating profile can be tough — but if you're trying to be cute by saying that you can't live without puppies, you might want to reconsider your answer.

Read on for the dealbreakers that these 8 men don't want to see when it comes to online dating.

"Typical" Profiles
"Lack of content, or banal content. Yes, of course, everyone looks at the photos as a first sort. But after that it's about what you say. If you don't say much, or say only banal stuff that almost anybody else might say (e.g., 'I love romantic walks on the beach') it says that you're either boring, or you don't know yourself." -Doug, 55
Ranting About Dating Sites ( ... On A Dating Site)
"Girls will often complain about the quality of men they are talking to on their profile. I understand that there may be many less-than-ideal matches, creepers, etc. on a dating site. However, dedicating your entire profile text to this tells me nothing about you personally (besides that you are a negative person). It's a very big red flag." -Andrew, 22
Strange Dealbreakers
"I understand listing your preferences on your profile, like if you'd like someone who is also athletic, or someone who is also a vegan, etc. But I've come across some demands that are just downright crazy, like 'must love to ski or be willing to learn,' etc. You're going to write off someone just because they don't want to do ONE hobby or like ONE thing that you don't?" -Kevin, 30
Taking Things Too Seriously
"Profiles of girls who go on and on about their astrological sign or Feng Shui or those bracelets that mean's just too much. I can't take you seriously if you're serious about the butterfly tattoo you got when you were 17 to remind you that you're free..." -David, 27
Incessant Messaging
"This just screams 'needy.'" -Joe, 25
If You "Can't Live Without" Material Things
"I'm fully aware that OKC wasn't that serious about this question, but when this box is full of vapid responses that don't include friends, family, or good health, I'm not interested. I'm sure you could live without high heels." -Josh, 32
Girls Who "Love Life" Or "Love to Laugh"
"What does that even mean, you love life? And doesn't everyone love to laugh? If these are really the most important things about you, you must be pretty basic." -Tom, 23
Stating That You Don't Like Cheaters
"First of all, who the hell likes cheaters, and second, do you really think that by clearly stating this on OKC, the cheaters are going to be like, 'Oh, let me not message her.'' I also don't want to deal with an insecure woman who is afraid of being cheated on." -Sam, 27