9 Wedding Trends That Will Make Grandma's Head Spin

weed wedding

Weed, food trucks, zombies and more things making their way into your big day.

Just when we finally got planking off the list of wedding trends (you've totally been doing that for the last few years, right?), come more and more trends that are going to make your grandmother roll over in her grave and your parents threaten to not "give you one cent for that damn crazy wedding!" And with what  you have up your sleeve, do you blame them?

With the world being a far different place than it was just 10 years ago and wedding traditions being kicked to the curb, weddings don't look anything like they used to. We're evolving as people, as a society, and our understanding of what's "wrong" or "bad" has changed. I mean, we're living in an era where the New York Times is pushing for the legalization of marijuana! We're in a country where men marrying men and women marrying women is not just acceptable, but — GASP! — legal!  The world has flipped on its side and there doesn't seem to be any turning back! It's GLORIOUS.

So, since love, in all its forms, is being recognized (finally!), and you can purchase pot legally in some parts of this great nation, it makes total sense that weed weddings, zombie receptions, and half-naked bridal party photo shoots would follow suit.

Your parents and grandparents may never understand your dreams for the perfect wedding, but just pass them the blunt and maybe we can all live in perfect harmony while we await the Zombie Apocalypse. (I'm pretty sure I've been waiting my whole life to write that sentence.)

Confused? Then read on to see nine wedding trends that grandma just won't understand.

Weed Weddings 

Steadily becoming all the rage in states like Colorado and Washington where pot is now legal, a weed wedding is basically all about love and getting high as a kite, of course. In addition to being stoned out of your mind thanks to cakes and treats pumped full of marijuana, we're also looking at pot leaf and bud bouquets and boutonnieres. And you thought you were such a rebel at 16 years old with your marijuana leaf T-shirt… Ha! You never saw this one coming, did you?


The 'Half moon' Bridal Party Photo

 Oh dear. I feel like my Grammy just typing that, but that's all I can say. If you found yourself at a wedding recently, and noticed that all the bridesmaids had their dresses tucked into their underwear, you weren't hallucinating, nor was it an accident. The 'half moon,' (because it's not a 'full moon' which would mean no undies), is a thing now for wedding photo shoots of the bride and her b-maids. Why? I. DON'T. KNOW. But, someone, please make it stop. 

Twitter, @Ms_Kiriamiti

Food Trucks

When I went to a wedding last year that was catered by food trucks — tacos and pizza to be exact — I thought, A. This must be heaven, and B. Is this a joke? Since then I've been invited to several other weddings and five of them have gone the food truck route. Honestly, I think it's a great trend and I hope it never goes away, but I can say that at each and every wedding where you had to stand in line for a second or third fish taco, the older generations weren't so into it.



I did the hashtag thing for my wedding this past May. I figured since all of my bridesmaids have Instagram, as well as many of the guests, it was a great way to keep track of the photos that were posted. It was great, but similar to the food trucks, the older generations just weren't down with it — they just didn’t "get it." Which was fine; I just got emails full of photos that they'd taken — five photos per email, because compressing them into one folder was a bit over their heads, too. I love you, mom and dad!


'Beta' And 'Presidential' Marriages

'Til death do us part?! HAHAHA! Yeah. Right. According to Time, Millennials have a WAY different outlook on marriage than their parents and grandparents. When given the option of other marriage models, the winner was the "Beta" model. At 43 percent, this preferred way of going about marriage means, "the union can be formalized or dissolved after a two-year trial period." For Millennials looking for something a little bit longer, then they can go for the "Presidential" model: "Vows last for another four years, but after 8 years you can elect to choose a new partner." It's not like the whole forever thing was working out too well anyway.


Trash The Dress

If you've bought a wedding dress, then you’'e also probably had the boutique try to sell you a package to preserve your dress forever and ever. However, that tradition has been swapped out and replaced with a trend that’s actually been around for a few years now: trashing your dress. Yes, that's going to make for some great photos, but depending on how much you spent on that dress, do you really want to throw all that money away? If you don't want it, sell it.


Professional Bridesmaids

 It might seem weird, but New Yorker Jen Glantz offers just this service for those who need it. Think about all the drama you can avoid if you just cut all your friends out of the equation and go with a professional bridesmaid? Sometimes strangers make for better bedfellows, no?

'You're Not Invited' Cards.

I really, really wish I knew about this very rude wedding trend, because it could have cut down on all those awkward conversations where people probed to see if they were invited to my wedding! But I digress. Yes, "you're not invited" cards exist so you can nip all that "am I invited or am I not?" confusion in the bud. Miss Manners would not be OK with this, but if you've ever been married or are currently engaged, you'll totally understand how great this concept is.


Zombie Weddings 

You know exactly what we have to thank for this trend: The Walking Dead. I mean, zombies are cool, but zombie weddings just seem like a little much, don't you think? It's hard enough to decide on the right makeup for the big day let alone find the perfect makeup artist that will make you look like you’re one of the undead. But despite that, the zombie wedding trend is alive and well. The fifth season of The Walking Dead starts in October, so your fall wedding itinerary might include one of these bad boys.