Get Some Real Cups: 7 Women Reveal Their Apartment Dealbreakers

Dating: Women Reveal What's Breakup Worthy In Your Apartment
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Mementos from your ex? See ya!

The first time you visit your date's apartment can be pretty nerve wracking, especially when you find some of these dealbreakers on display.

Read on to find out what apartment dealbreakers kept these 7 ladies from shacking up.

1. Mementos From His Ex

"Dealing with a man who has too many reminders of his ex around, especially in the bedroom, is a dealbreaker. I think that once a relationship is over, anything reminiscent of the relationship should be discarded as well." -Angela, 28

2. His Mom Still Does His Grocery Shopping

"I met this guy who was smart and funny (with a good job!) but also tended to be whiny and a bit wimpy and neurotic. I couldn't decide how I felt. The first time I went to his apartment, I noticed there was no toilet paper in the bathroom. He directed me to his hall pantry to find more. The first thing I noticed were all kinds of store brand products from Waldbaum's supermarket. Now, we both lived in Manhattan, and there was no Waldbaum's in the city. There was, however, a store in his hometown on Long Island. In that moment, I realized his mother did all his grocery shopping for him. It spoke volumes! Instantly, many things about him became very clear and it was absolutely a dealbreaker! (By the way, I was not wrong about him!). -Adrienne, 61

3. Total Neat Freak

"If the apartment is overly neat, I've found this to be a sign of a control freak, or someone who wants to have more control over his life. One guy I dated asked me which way I put the toilet roll on...and when he placed a book back on his shelf he nearly measured it to make sure all were in alignment. His abode was very uncomfortable." -Susanne, 62

4. Too Many Roommates

"I understand that living in New York isn't cheap, and that roommates are a necessary evil. However, one time I dated a guy who had FOUR roommates living in a three bedroom with ONE bathroom, and one TV that was always occupied by at least two of his roomies playing HALO. Dealbreaker." -Hailey, 26

"I am 100 percent OUT if he has any roommates other than his kids. The men that I'm going to date are 40-49 year old men. If you can't afford an 'apartment' on your own, then you can't afford me." -Lisa, 44

5. No Real Plates/Cups/Silverware

"I went to one guy's place and realized he had no real cups/plates/silverware to speak of. There was about a half used pack's worth of red solo cups and a ton of used plastic forks in the sink! When I questioned him about it, he said he 'didn't like to do dishes.' He had lived there for about a year..." -Yasmin, 31

6. Interesting Choice Of Wallpaper...

"I dated a guy whose bathroom was wallpapered with Playboy centerfolds. Dealbreaker." -Valerie, 50

What are your apartment dealbreakers? Tell us in the comments below.