See How Happy Sofia Vergara And Joe Manganiello Are To Be Dating


Jumping to the top of the hottest celebrity couples list, we’d like to introduce Joe-Fia.


As heartbreaking as it is, we may have to remove these two former singletons off our Celebrity Hit-It List.

Just six weeks after announcing the end of her engagement to longtime love Nick Loeb, Sofia Vergara is cozying up to TV’s sexiest wolf, Joe Manganiello (True Blood spoiler alert: RIP Alcide!). (And we’re not hiding our extreme jealousy for this steamy A-list pairing.)

Though it’s stil quite new (they've had only a couple dates so far!), we hope these two aren’t just a summer fling. But they better be prepared for the Hollywood rumor-mill to really test their love. Sources reportedly said Sofia was rude to the restaurant staff on a recent date.

Here, we reveal their reactions to all stages of this blossoming romance!

Now that the romance has gone public, Joe’s doing a happy dance
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And we all know Sofia is feeling pretty good about herself for snagging Big D*ck Richie
<a href="">Sofia Vergara -</a>
We’re sure Joe is humble bragging to his pals about Sofia’s bubbly personality
<a href="">Sofia Vergara -</a>
Sofia has said she’d like to have more kids And a celeb-spawn of these two? Definitely winners in the gene-pool lottery!
<a href="">Sofia Vergara -</a>
And should they ever bicker, Joe will know how to help Sofia calm down
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Of course, don't be surprised if you hear that Sofia never carries $ bills anymore—we wonder where they’ve gone…
<a href="">Sofia Vergara -</a>
Because she certainly likes her men a little on the wild side
<a href="">Sofia Vergara -</a>
But if Joe ever tries to leave her, she may have her sources start some rumors about him…
<a href="">Sofia Vergara -</a>
No matter what happens, Joe is lucky to have Sofia…
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And Sofia is so giddy that she found Joe
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