11 Reasons Dogs Win At Life And Love

cute dog

They rule, and we all know it.

Don't try to deny it; you know that dogs are superior to us in many ways. And that's why we love them. But seriously, they are the masters of life and love. And here are just a few reasons why.



Their smooches are a million times cuter than ours.
As are their snuggles.
They do not discriminate in their {{ love }}.
They will totally give you a hand on your big day.
They will stand by you through anything, just because they {{ love }} you.
They will put up with a lot in the name of {{ love }}.
Like, a lot
They protect their babies.
And our warriors.
They are capable of endless compassion.
All it takes is a kiss and a kind word to make them happy.
And most of all, they will {{ love }} you with everything they've got.