Animal Crush Of The Week: Frostie The Goat Takes First Steps


Be prepared: a goat is about to make you cry.

There's a happy little fella in Victoria, Australia, and his name is Frostie (full name? Frostie the Snow Goat, naturally). This baby goat, afflicted with a condition called joint naval ill, had previously been unable to walk. According to Edgar's Mission, the animal sanctuary where Frostie lives, joint naval ill is "a disease that is seen in very young calves and kid goats and results from an infection entering the body via the umbilical cord soon after birth." In Frostie's case, the infection settled in his hind joints, rendering them useless. But the good people at Edgar's Mission refused to give in. They have a great deal of love for Frostie and weren't about to let him suffer. So, they got creative. They took the little wheelchair once used by the sanctuary's piglet Leon Trotsky, who once suffered from broken hind bones. Once in the wheelchair, Frostie immediately took his first adorable, trembling steps.

It is incredibly important for Frostie to keep moving right now, in order to exercise out the toxins in his system and let the medication do its work. Check out this amazing video of Frostie in action!