Listen Up, Fellas: These 10 Pick Up Lines Work

woman and man looking at each other

The trick to a successful pickup line is to find one that doesn’t sound like a pickup line at all.

Guys, you're having a nice time out and you spot a girl that you're interested in. How do you make your move? Do you get your friend to go over there and talk you up to her? If you're in a club do you just start dancing next to her hoping she gets into it and dances with you? How about use a pick up line!

Pick up lines get a bad rep because there are just too many bad ones out there. People now use pick up lines more so to crack a joke than to actually try and make a move on someone because majority of them are cheesy, and not in a way that can be appreciated from a complete stranger.

However there are a few pick up lines that you can use in order to break the ice and make you stand out. The trick to a successful pick up line is to find one that doesn't sound like a pick up line at all!

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