The Only Thing Worse Than Juan Pablo Is A Chubby 'Bachelor!'

<a href="http://www.ryanseacrest.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/ChrisHarrison_600-400-03-12-12.jpg"/>ABC's 'Bachelor' Host Chris Harrison</a>
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Find out exactly why ABC won't cast anoverweight 'Bachelor' -- and why they need to!

Chris Harrison, host of The Bachelor on ABC, is speaking out on why most of the bachelors are, well, all the same: straight and hot.

When asked why there has never been a gay bachelor, Harrison didn't pull a Juan Pablo Galavis and deliver a homophobic remark veiled under an "But English is my second language!" excuse. Instead, Harrison was blunt: It's all about the business!

"The question is: Is it a good business decision?" told The New York Times Magazine. "I just spoke at U.S.C. the other night, and I explained it like this: Look, if you've been making pizzas for 12 years and you've made millions of dollars and everybody loves your pizzas and someone comes and says, 'Hey, you should make hamburgers.' Why? I have a great business model, and I don't know if hamburgers are going to sell."

But beefcakes do. And that's also why Harrison, though iffy on a homosexual bachelor series, is firmly against a chubby, overweight or obese bachelor.

"No. You know why? Because that's not attractive, and television is a very visual medium, and I know that sounds horrible to say," he said. But don't think Harrison thinks he's above it, either. He agrees he'd never be a Bachelor himself!

"I know that at 42, in the eyes of television, I'm old and unattractive," Harrison said. "Sure, I can put a suit and tie on, but I have hair on my chest and I don't have a 12-pack. I live a healthy life, but I don't do eight hours in the gym, nor do I want to. And I don't eat 50,000 egg whites."

But he probably likes eating pizza, and he doesn't seem like a complete douchebag, which would be an improvement on the prior Bachelors: Remeber Jake Pavelka, who was super mean to Vienna Girardi when the cameras were off? Or how Galavis boasted to Andi Dorfman about the other women he'd spent the night with already? Or the creepy way Sean Lowe talks about his new sex life with Catherine Guidici?

Maybe a less self-absorbed, vain dude would treat his women better. When it's a choice between respect, devotion and adoration and a few extra pounds, I'll take a little paunch any day. If a man who loves pizza and hamburgers treats you better than a guy with highlights, a fake tan and abs of steel who gorges on grilled chicken and stares at his reflection more than your eyes, go with your gut ... for the guy with a gut.


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