What Did Ryan Seacrest Just Reveal About His Dating Life?


The executive producer of 'Mixology' tells us, "I personally could relate to the fumbling in a bar."


Ryan Seacrest might just be the busiest guy in Hollywood. Besides hosting American Idol and a daily morning radio show, he dabbles in producing TV series including Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Shahs of Sunset, Married to Jonas and — premiering tonight! — ABC's upcoming comedy Mixology about the meet-ups and hookups that take place during a single night in a Manhattan bar. 

Seacrest, single since his breakup with Julianne Hough last spring, is no stranger to the bar scene, which he thinks of as a sport! Read on …

YourTango: What does Mixology say about love, relationships and the bar scene?

Ryan Seacrest: There's never a dull moment! I think it's a bit of sport initially, when you are in a bar. You have to sift your way through and find the right groups of people. What's great about this series is that I personally could relate to the fumbling in a bar and talking to the wrong person, and then ending up maybe finding the right one.

YourTango: So you relate to the way the guys in the show behave on a night out?

Ryan Seacrest: I relate to what we talk about when we go into a bar: girls. How do we get closer to them? How do we not screw up when we get there? And how do we get the seat next to them? There's an art and science to it all which you'll see in the series.

YourTango: How was dating different before you were famous?

Ryan Seacrest: It was much harder. I had time then, I don't have as much time now. At least [women] know that you're not a crazy person 'cause they've seen you on a television show — but it doesn't always do much more than that.


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