Love Bytes: The 5 Worst Things To Say On A First Date

bad first date

Plus, last-minute Valentine's Day gift ideas for your sweetie!

Say what?! Men, take note: comparing her to your ex will NOT score you another meeting after that first date. (Modern Man)

She's never going to make "fetch" happen, but Lacey Chabert from Mean Girls can absolutely fill us in on how she got her killer bod for her recent Maxim shoot! (Starts With You)

Stuck in a love rut? You just might need to start a dating rotation! (Refinery 29)

The 10 unwritten rules of dating. (AskMen)

Don't they know sharing is caring? Canada changes everything with a Canadians-only beer fridge. (Bleacher Report)

Ladies, play fair! The new Instagram trend that guys are hating. (College Candy)

Spending Valentine's Day with your sweetheart is great, but spending the day with yourself can be pretty awesome too — and this list is here to show you how (and hot not to). (The Frisky)

Ouch! Runway models taking tumbles on the catwalk. At least they're human too. (SheFinds)

Bowling and video games may remind you of your 5th grade birthday party, but don’t write them off yet: these fun activities can turn the heat way, way up in your relationship! (Cupids Pulse)

Celebrity love predictions: will these Tinseltown couples make it or break it? (Cupids Pulse)

The female orgasm is notoriously difficult to achieve. But did you know, nearly 45% of women actually have a diagnosable sexual disorder?(Dear Vagina)

9 types of couples youll see on Valentines Day Ugh, get a room! A comprehensive list of Valentine’s Day couples you love to hate. (Guyism)

Man + multi tools = Best (and most practical) Valentine's Day gift ever. (HiConsumption)

Make your own sex truffles for Valentines DaySkip the boxed chocolates this V-Day, and make your own from scratch! This recipe is super easy, and way delicious.(Guyism)

Ladies, rejoice! A list of awesome man-gifts picked by real guys. Valentine’s Day? Check. (Celebzter)

Are you just his rebound? A real guy gives us the deets on what’s real and what’s not. (A New Mode)

Do Not Pass Go? A list of the worst undergarments to (try to) have sex in. (The Gloss)

Finally! The surefire way to know if he's good ... you know ... down there. (Gurl)

Actions speak louder than words. A list of the most romantic things a man can do that can’t be bought from a store. (The Stir)

It's a tale as old as time: the less you care, the more he seems to. (A New Mode)

Va-va voom! A list of the ten most dateable chicks in Hollywood you wish you could ask out. (Ranker)

Wanna look hot this Valentine's Day? Then make sure to NOT follow these bizarre celebrity beauty tips. (SheFinds)

Is there such a thing as a perfect first date? One writer seeks to find out. (Dear Vagina)

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