Go For The Gold! 6 Reasons To Date An Olympian

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Besides obvious bragging rights, here are 6 other reasons to make your next boyfriend an olympian.

Besides obvious bragging rights, here are 6 other reasons to make your next boyfriend an olympian.

The 2014 Winter Olympics are just a few weeks away. On February 6th, all of the greatest winter athletes in the world will descend upon Sochi, Krasnodar Krai, Russia on the coast of the Black Sea. It's going to be a blast!

Olympians are marvels. They do things with their bodies that seem nearly impossible — but then voila! — there they are, amazing us yet again. So, what would it be like to actually date one of them?

Besides obvious bragging rights, here are 6 other reasons to date an Olympic athlete.

1. They'll inspire you.

You're dating a world class athlete? How could you not take the lessons of what dedication and hard work can achieve and implement it into your own life? It's important to have a partner who challenges you both mentally and physically, someone who wants for you all the things you want for yourself. In dating an Olympian, that's exactly what you'll get.

2. They have killer bodies.

I'm sure everyone remembers what Michael Phelps looked like when he’d climb out of the pool during the Summer Olympics, with his rippling torso and a back that looks like it was carved out of marble. Like we mentioned when we told you about the benefits of dating runners, athletes have gorgeous bodies. It's a fact. Even if you're not into excessive muscles, everyone can appreciate a body that's on par with a work of art.

3. You get a lot of alone time.

Athletes, especially Olympic athletes, are constantly training and traveling to competitions. While this might take its toll on some people's relationships, if you're the type who really enjoys your alone time, then an Olympian is for you. Besides, it's going to be so great when you finally see them after weeks and weeks apart.

4. You get to travel.

Although you won’t be able to attend every competition, because, I mean, dude has to train and not cater to your every whim and desire, but there will be opportunities when you get to join him in some foreign land. Didn't you always want to go to Russia? OK, Russia isn't the best example, but maybe next time around it will be someplace less, how do we say without getting overly politically, close-minded. Annecy, France is one of the places that has a bid in for 2018, and as someone who's been there a few times, yes, you want to go to there.

5. You get to work on your social skills.

Olympians are always meeting new people. As their girlfriend, you're definitely going to be the necessary arm candy at certain events, and will be forced to talk to strangers and put yourself out there. Not just that, but depending on the level of fame your Olympian has gained, you may even have to fend off groupies and fans. That, right there, is a lesson in not just social skills but patience with starstruck fangirls.

6. You get to know what an Olympic medal feels like. (Maybe.)

Not that you're going to ditch your dude if he doesn’t bring home the gold, but not everyone gets to know what one of those things feels like in the palm of their hand — and on your Instagram feed. Is it heavy? Is it 100 percent of the metal it claims to be? Will it chip your tooth if you choose to take a bite out of it à la Ryan Lochte? The answers to so many questions, and more, can be yours, if you date an Olympian.

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