What Means The Most To Women, Ranked

Love: What Women Really Want, Ranked [Infographic]

Her Partner? Wine? Downtime? Find out where it all ranks.

The mysterious ways of female desire have been confounding the male brain since the beginning of time. 

Earlier this year, a survey discovered that 42 percent of women want cheese over oral sex. Yes, you read that right. Then recently, 76 percent of women admitted they prefer "me time" over sex.

And, then there's our furry friends. According to a survey by animal welfare organization Brooke, one in 10 women love their pet more than their boyfriend or husband.

So what's the deal? Where does food fall in her scale of importance? What about downtime? Cuddling with pets? What is it that women really want? As we're in the holiday spirit here at YourTango, we decided to help you guys out and get to the bottom of things.

Since Mel Gibson didn't return our call, we took to the streets (and by streets, we mean social media) to ask over 75 women to rank eight major things in her life in order of importance.

Check out the infographic below!

How would you rank these eight things? Tell us what means the most to you in the comments below.

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