Must-Watch Video: The Ad That's Breaking Boundaries In India

A Wedding To Remember: The Ad In India Everyone Is Talking About
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See the commercial crossing the strict social guidelines that have dominated women's lives in India.

Divorce, separation and breakups are frequent subjects of conversation for us — ones that aren't inherently negative — but that isn't the case all over the world. In India, divorced and widowed women have long been unfairly discriminated against for no longer having husbands.

So, when one Indian jeweler decided to break that boundary and acknowledge that some women's love lives do not follow the traditional path, everybody was shocked — and thrilled.

Tanishq, a jewelry company, used a touching commercial that crosses the hard, strict social guidelines that have dominated women's lives in India (and beyond) regarding how their relationships affect their status.

In the ad, titled "A Wedding To Remember," a woman is putting on some jewelry (which, if I do say so, is exceptionally stunning) while other women help her prepare. An adorable little girl comes through the door, showing her mother how pretty she looks. The woman walks with her daughter up the aisle to her fiance, who is totally enamored with the both of them. The child asks to partake in the wedding customs, to which the man obliges, picking her up and carrying her as he holds his beloved;s hand: one happy, complete family.

Here's the commercial:

Beautiful, right? It would be powerful as is, but when considering the boundaries it snaps, "A Wedding To Remember" becomes even more stunning. It is a simple and perfect way to promote a more progressive outlook on the family structure without being overbearing or preachy.

So far, the feedback for the ad has been overwhelmingly positive for its strong message and use of a darker-skinned model than is typically used in Indian media.

Even Naveen Jindal, a member of parliament, tweeted, "A dusky bride with a daughter in an ad? Well done @TanishqJewelry for breaking stereotypes with grace & power #tanishq."

Given the response, it's all too clear that these societal barriers need to be crossed — and that this can happen one step at a time, simply by normalizing something thought of as taboo.

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