7 Romantic Date Night Ideas Inspired By Fall TV Shows

7 Romantic Date Night Ideas Inspired by Fall TV Shows

You too can have a romance that's screen-worthy.

This Fall TV season is really heating up with the return of old shows (and answers to the biggest cliffhangers you've been thinking about all summer long!) and the debut of some intriguing new ones.

Since you'll be glued to your TV screens and setting your DVRs for your favorites, why not pick up some date inspiration from your weekly viewings?

The Big Bang Theory: Get Your Science On
This is a date that Sheldon Cooper would approve of Head to your nearest planetarium for the day to indulge your inner science nerd. Snuggle up to your significant other under the stars (well, a projection of them) and learn a little something new about the universe.


New Girl: Fake A Mexican Vaca
Hopefully you've already seen this season's premiere episode already, but if not, prepared to get spoiled The episode starts with Nick and Jess finally in an official relationship. In an attempt to get away from the pressure of their new dating status, they decide to flee to Mexico. Don't grab your passport just yet. You can take a cue from Nick and Jess and head to your favorite Mexican restaurant for a quick and relatively inexpensive getaway. After you've had your fill of margaritas and queso, spend the evening dancing the night away at a bar or dance club. And who knows? Maybe you can cap the evening off with a round of True American.


Boardwalk Empire: Make It A 's Night
Nucky Thompson's antics aren't exactly the most romantic thing on television, in fact, they're pretty violent. But you can use Boardwalk Empire's Prohibition-era setting to inspire you for your next date. Get dressed up in your finest 20's inspired outfit and start the night at your favorite cocktail bar, or even better, a speakeasy if you live near one. Afterwards, you can catch some live music at a local jazz club or music lounge.


American Horror Story: Coven: Get Scared
The third season of the fear-inducing TV show is all about witchcraft And since you might not live close enough to the site of the Salem witch trials, you can still plan a spooky-themed date. If both of you don't get scared easily, buy tickets to a haunted house attraction – and you're in luck because they're popping up everywhere just in time for Halloween. It's the perfect venue for hand holding and cuddling, because guaranteed one of you will need some comforting as you go through the scary space.


Once Upon a Time in Wonderland: Throw A Tea Party
The new spin-off of the popular show Once Upon a Time gives Lewis Carroll's classic character, Alice, a different twist You can take some inspiration from Alice and her world by planning an afternoon tea date. Enjoy some tea, sandwiches, scones, and maybe even some champagne in a classy and formal setting.


Parks and Recreation: Plan A Scavenger Hunt
If you're a fan of the show, you'll know that Amy Poehler's character Leslie Knope loves scavenger hunts So why not plan a fun scavenger hunt all over town for your significant other? Go easy on them, though. Don't make it as hard as Leslie's Valentine's Day scavenger hunt for Ben.