22 Crazy Cute Tattooed Couples


Would you get inked for love?

It's a way to literally wear your heart on your sleeve ... or should we say, your skin? Sure, getting a tattoo of your boyfriend or girlfriend may not sound like the best idea in the long run (it makes the possible breakup that much more awkward with that constant reminder branded on your body), but for some people, it shows true devotion to your significant other.

Celebrities like Kat Von D, Angelina Jolie and Eva Longoria have all done it, and so have these normal non-celeb couples! Our friends over at Huffington Post Weird News recently rounded up some of the best tattoos shared by their readers.

See the slideshow at Huffington Post Weird News: Couples Tattoos From Our Readers That Are Lovely And Surprising! (PHOTOS)

Would you ever get inked for love? Maybe you have already. Let us know in the comments!

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