Welcome To 'Love Transforms' 2013!

love transforms

From now through August 2, we'll explore all of the ways love transforms our lives.

Ever wish you could see a side-by-side of yourself before and after you fell in love? By improving everything from the way we look and think to our health and success, love can act like the best makeover in the world.

Here at YourTango, we're committed to helping you live your best love life. That's why we're introducing our newest campaign, 'Love Transforms.' From now through August 2, we'll explore all the proven ways that true, loving connections — the act of giving and receiving love — can change your life in ways more powerful than you'd ever imagined.

We'll share stories from people who made sacrifices for love, reflect on how love transformed some of the most powerful people in history and, of course, share anecdotes about some of the more lighthearted ways that love works its magic.

We'll also explore the concept that 'love is an action word': something we need to nourish and actively work toward, whether it's by making time in our busy schedules for date night or dressing in a silly costume to put a smile on our kid's face.

YourTango experts will weigh in on the behaviors that are poisoning your relationship and how you can love your partner without losing your sense of self. 

And, of course, we won't forget about the celebrities.

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