Zac Posen: Kim Kardashian Should Design Her Own Wedding Dress!

Zac Posen: Kim Kardashian Should Design Her Own Wedding Dress!

Exclusive! Famed designer Zac Posen talks Hollywood brides and what Heidi Klum's really like on set.

What will you be doing tonight at 9 p.m. ET?

I can tell you where I'll be. On my couch, munching on popcorn, while watching the premiere of Project Runway on Lifetime. When I'm willing to watch a show live—without the ability to fast forward over commercials—you know it must be good!

YourTango recently chatted in NYC with show newbie and designer to the stars Zac Posen. For all you brides-to-be out there, bust out a happy dance. Zac's Truly Zac Posen collection for David's Bridal is set to launch in February 2014, featuring six ivory styles ranging in price from $850 to $1,350. Speaking of wedding couture ... 

YourTango: What kind of dress would you like to see Jennifer Aniston wear down the aisle?

Zac Posen: I think that Jennifer Aniston looks really good when she's really clean. I mean, I'd love to see Jennifer in Azzedine Alaia. She has a rocking body. It's super elegant. The level of architecture and simplicity, I think would balance her sporty, easy-going attitude.

YourTango: How about Kim Kardashian?

Zac Posen: I think she should make her own dress. I think she should design and make her own dress. I think that would feel the most authentic.

YourTango: What's been your favorite dress to work on?

Zac Posen: I don't have one favorite, because they all have a very special place in my heart, as cheesy as that sounds. I'm working on a piece right now for an amazing musician.

YourTango: Can you say her name?

Zac Posen: I can't say who yet, but bringing her fantasy to fruition is a thrilling experience. With a custom wedding gown, you have the time to perfect and nuance and tweak and change every little element of it, and it's a real labor of love, and it's a very real deal. My friend Joséphine de la Baume married Mark Ronson and she had three outfits made for her whole wedding weekend. That was amazing. Her wedding gown had a 20-meter train, a hood, and the veil—it had really wild work out [made] of Chantilly lace, like a decoupage.

YourTango: Tell us about Project Runway!

Zac Posen: The season has been spicy!

YourTango: Spicy? Who in particular?

Zac Posen: Spicy, creative. The contestants are judging. You know, Heidi has extremely high standards, as do I, and Nina. And it's been great having Tim watch the show with us. There are some new components that have been added into the content of the show that I would say are more inspector-y.

YourTango: Can you divulge?

Zac Posen: We have the ability to really get into the garments and see them close up, and lose that mystery of runway to your seats. I get my hands into the clothing this season.

YourTango: What's it like working with Heidi Klum?

Zac Posen: Amazing. Heidi is inspiring, she is driven, she is funny, she is entertaining. I think Tim is sort of the overarching angel of the show. I think the show is so fortunate as well as the fans to have him involved because he's a light. And I'm really happy to be part of a television show that has embraced having that creative, positive light. It keeps it real.

YourTango: What do you and Heidi agree and disagree about, as far as designing?

Zac Posen: Heidi and I usually push for the more creative people and the newer ideas. Nina is definitely always going for what is the chicest to her, what is the most in trend in fashion at the moment. She comes from an editorial standpoint. I come from a real design standpoint of like, 'Is this idea going to be something that in the future Nina is going to like?' Tim comes from the development side, which is, 'How do we get this design and idea ready to present?'

YourTango: What's the best love advice you've ever received?

Zac Posen: The best love advice? Wow. Love advice is like life advice, so there are so many elements of that. I think humor, patience, admiration are really important love elements. Love and respect. You have to respect the person that you're going to love, and you have to be confident in yourself and love yourself.

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