5 Surprising Uses For Your Favorite Beauty Products

Beauty Secrets: Surprising Uses For Beauty Products
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How your ordinary beauty products can do double duty.

Sure, you rely on your old beauty standbys to be, well, old beauty standbys. But did you know that those faithful products can actually be used in more ways than one? Here, our top beauty two-fers.

The product: Hand lotion

Traditional use: To soften and hydrate parched skin, not just on hands, but on elbows, cuticles, and forearms, too.

Unexpected use: Frizz-fighter. Forget expensive serums and softeners — to beat frizz on dry hair, simply smooth a bit of lotion over the fuzzy area. Instantly, the moisturizers in the lotion will smooth out frizz, leaving behind high shine.

The product: Lip balm

Traditional use: To soothe chapped, cracked lips, and to provide a soft base over which to apply lipstick.

Unexpected uses: Skin calmer and cuticle cream. Smooth balm (straight from the tube!) over cracked, scaly skin — think around your nose when you have a cold, on cheeks before going out into the cold and wind, and over small patches of scaly eczema. Or sweep over dry, flaky cuticles to soften them.

The product: Perfume

Traditional use: To scent your skin and clothes.

Unexpected use: Hair freshener. Put a few drops of perfume in a bottle with distilled water. Shake bottle and spritz onto hair to revive and freshen after a night out or day at the office. Or, for a stronger freshening effect, spray perfume directly onto a brush, then gently brush through locks.

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By Lisa Kovalovich for Ladies Home Journal.