New Survey Reveals The Path To Satisfaction Is Through Your Heart

New Survey Reveals The Path To Satisfaction Is Through Your Heart

Survey reveals the path to pleasure is through the heart

NEW YORK, NY (June 26, 2013) A new survey from Durex and, the digital leader in love and relationships, shatters common misperceptions on what engenders sexual satisfaction. The survey reveals that the heart is what matters most when it comes to great sex.

The survey reveals a whopping 96% of people think the best sex is had with someone with whom they are emotionally connected. Similarly, 92% of readers say it's a turn-on when their partner shows some vulnerability, an important part of emotional closeness. Respondents ranked "being with someone I love" as the top confidence booster in bed, followed by "feeling good about my sexual abilities," and "when my partner compliments me."

Nevertheless, the physical does have a role to play! Respondents indicated that great sex cannot exist without these three elements: Physical attraction and emotional intimacy were the top two answers followed by feeling secure/loved. "Adequate foreplay" ranked a distant 6th.

"When people think of great sex, many often conjure up images of one night stands or Spring Break," said Laurent Faracci, chief strategy and marketing officer, Reckitt Benckiser USA. "Our research shows the contrary, that when you are with someone who wants only you, you feel confident enough to try out new things and express your fantasies, which in turn leads to more intimacy and even better sex between partners. At heart, Durex inspires and embarks lovers on a journey to more intimacy, 'sexploration' and better sex."

"We've been conditioned by the media to believe that sex is primarily physical and a couple's sex life will inevitably fizzle with time. However, these findings indicate just the opposite--getting closer on an emotional level is the key to getting closer physically," says Andrea Miller, YourTango CEO. "Still, the majority of respondents reported having sex one to two times per week but would like to have sex three or more times per week. We encourage couples to be more proactive in the bedroom to reap the innumerable health and emotional benefits that sex offers."

In fact, 90% of respondents indicated they believe it is possible for sex to actually get better over time. So, just how are committed couples keeping things hot? The survey revealed some surprising ways:

  • Porn was actually the most popular bedroom booster: 57% of survey responders draw their sexual inspiration from porn and, in good news to the book industry, 48% from books.
  • Nearly two-thirds believe that the porn industry is actually helping people have better sex.
  • About half of all people regularly use lubricants, vibrators and other toys in bed.
  • To incorporate something new sexually, couples report these top three methods: talking about it while in bed, talking about it in a neutral place outside of the bedroom and first asking one's partner what he/she wants.
  • Two-thirds of respondents generally stick to the same 2-4 positions in bed while 27% rotate through 5-7 positions and occasionally trying new ones.

Through June 30, Durex and present The Power of Intimacy a content series that takes a closer look at how getting closer emotionally strengthens relationships and couples' sex lives.

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